Sunday, February 15, 2009

Win a Free Book - Crash Proof - UPDATED

Long time readers of this blog may remember that I used to run some contest from time to time and give away stuff for free.

Why - because it makes life a little more fun.

Now many people know that a have a very realistic outlook on the depression we are in (or some may say I have a negative view). Heck I'm worried it will be worse then even I think.

Anyway this book was a great read and I'm going to mail out a free copy to the first reader who can win the contest.

The contest is easy Lee, Gwen, Thomm and I have nicknames that are listed on the right hand side of the column. Just match up what name goes with what person. Send me the results via e-mail and your snail mail and I will mail you the book.

I only ask that since I'm giving you this book for free that after you read it or after two months (which ever comes first) you give the book to someone else. Of course I won't know if you are doing that but I ask that you at least agree to that in your e-mail.

Peter lays out the case for what is wrong with the US Economic structure and it is a damn compelling case that he makes. Good Luck!


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