Sunday, October 21, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Amazing Adventures

This week, something completely different.  I don't know why I picked Amazing Adventures but I've always liked it.  The entire series was wildly over written by Don McGregor.  But the art was just amazing.  It's worth it for that alone.

Amazing Adventures 27, November 1974
Pencils: Jim Starlin
Inks: Jim Starlin
This is the peak of Marvel covers in the 70's.  Starlin inking Starlin with no editorial oversight.  It didn't mess with any major characters so Starlin was allowed to do what he wanted.  And it was good!

Amazing Adventures 29, March 1975
Pencils: Gil Kane
Inks: Craig Russell
Russell was really just breaking into the business but you can already see how could he would become.  Kane is, as always, great but Russell's inks take this to a whole never level. 
Amazing Adventures 35, March 1976
Pencils: Craig Russell
Inks: Craig Russell
Finally, Russell inking Russell.  It's interesting comparing this cover to the previous one.   Kane's Killraven is much more manly in a Tarzan sort of way.  Russell's Killraven is sinewy.  He still has strength and heroic attributes but it's not in the same manner as Kane's.
Amazing Adventures 38, September 1976
Pencils: Keith Pollard; Marie Severin (touch-ups)
Inks: Keith Pollard; Marie Severin (touch-ups)
And in complete contrast we have Pollard doing pure superhero figure work.  It's still a great cover but Killraven is much more Captain America in this version. 

Side note, ya gotta love all the twisted versions of Marvel characters.
Amazing Adventures 39, November 1976
Pencils: Craig Russell
Inks: Craig Russell
A classic final cover to end a series.  You can see how much Russell has grown as an artist in one year by comparing this cover to issue 35.

          And this week, for something different, everyone go out and boo the Ravens.  Booooo Ravens.  But, if old habits are hard to break it's still ok to boo the Steelers.

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