Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Week of October 10 in Review Part 5 of 5 – The Conclusion

So you have seen the long winded stuff, now for a few brief blurbs. It kills me that I don’t have time to give all the very good to great series their due.

The Stuff of Legend – Volume IV – The Toy Collector – Part 1 – I love this series and this issue was another winner. Especially well done was the introduction that allowed anyone a good entry point into the series. So if you have not been getting the book now is perfect jumping on point. Writers Mike Raicht and Brian Smith along with artist Charles Paul Wilson are writing a modern day fairy tale that has an epic feel to it and also feels like a timeless classic.

Frankenstein Agent of Shade #13 – This book has been so well done, sadly I have heard it may be getting cancelled. Matt Kindt is doing great work on this book and now it ties into the Rotworld story.

The Massive #4 – This is a unique book by Brian Wood and artist Garry Brown. If you have passed on this book, try out this issue as it is a nice one and done. The “interview” with Callum Israel was some nice added matter.

Stumptown #2 – The simple missing guitar case has just blown up into a lot bigger mess than ever. Greg Rucka is at his best and Matthew Southworth is doing a very good job on the art. Matthew’s art still feels a little off to me at times, but he continues to improve.

X-Men #37 Brian Wood is not the writer next issue and I am not a reader next issue.

Green Lantern Corps #13 – The Guardians are truly evil at this point and they cannot survive the coming story line running the Green Lanterns. Thankfully we have the magical appearance of a second set of Guardians long unknown to take their place at the end of “The Third Army” story.

Phantom Stranger #1 – Almost dropped it, until the cute little plot twist at the end, now I need to see at least one more issue. All in all this is a poorly executed book that I have given too many issues to due to good art and my love of the character which is being ruined.

Conan #9 – Great story and the art sucked or at least the transition mid-arc made it suck as the artist can tell a story; glad he is gone for the next arc.

Red She-Hulk #58 – Betty Ross finally gets her own comic. I’m amused at all the Hulks, but following one of them around for a time is enjoyable with Jeff Parker writing.

Demon Knights #13 – Not sure what keeps me on the book, but I hear Paul Cornell is leaving the book and I’m not sure whether that is a bad or good thing. I think the odd mix of characters and the setting in the middle ages makes the book very different and I enjoy those aspects.

Archer & Armstrong #3 – Don’t see this series every being a top ten book, but it is fun and entertaining. It is a buddy book, with a lot of action, adventure and a solid plot.

Bloodshot #4 – Is a strong title. Swierczynski seems to have a solid back story and is letting it play out as both Bloodshot and we learn about the mysteries that surround him. I want to find out who he is, why he was created and what is behind his creation.

Secret Service #4 is another solid entertaining book. It is a super spy training his extremely talented but somewhat of a wastrel nephew in the business. This issue the nephew learns how to look the part and goes home to find his mother was beaten by his step dad. Next issue the consequences. Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons are providing the fun. Gibbons’ art is fantastic.

Hoax Hunters #4 – Wraps up the first arc and sets the premise for the series. Entertaining and fun, not a great series, but worth the $3 entry fee.

Team 7 #1 – A little on the dense side and was way too heavy on the set up, but apparently will give us some good background information on this new DCU as the action is set in the past.

Damsels #2 – I got this because I picked up #1 late and had to decide on #2, before I read #1. Rapunzel and The Little Mermaid are on the run and Rapunzel has no memory of her past or what is going on. I also have limited clue as to what is happening. A poor man’s Fables at this point, but I will ride it out a little longer.

So the new format may not last past one week, but I enjoyed doing it this way as I like spotlighting some books and not mix it all together.

The week itself was a B. I was leaning toward a B+ because we have some books that were just fantastic but not enough given the sheer volume of titles I read this week. 

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