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DC Preview Review May 2009

Jim: The new solicitations have a lot of new material, but the marketing plan behind them feels a little weak and that continues to keep DC a distant second to Marvel.
Lee: WHAT? The marketing is weak? If that’s true it’s only because DC doesn’t go with “WORLD CHANGING EVENT!” every month.
Gwen: There's some interesting stuff her but I can't some I'm overly excited about this month.

FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: RUN! #1 Written by Matthew SturgesArt by Freddie E. Williams IICover by KakoThe Human Flame is a dead man. Literally just waking up after the events of FINAL CRISIS, he realizes all the heroes in the DC Universe target him as the lowlife who taped the murder of the Martian Manhunter with his cell phone. On top of that, all the villains in the world want to kill him for selling them out to Libra. He's powerless and penniless, and his only chance for survival is to run! This 6-issue miniseries examines the underbelly of the DCU and what happens when the wrong choices catch up with you. Nothing can prepare you for this chase.On sale May 6 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: ESCAPE #1 Written by Ivan BrandonArt by Marco RudiCover by Scott HamptonIn this all-new 6-issue miniseries, Nemesis awakens to find himself held captive by the Global Peace Agency inside the walls of the mysterious Electric City. His fellow prisoners are all members of the superhuman intelligence community, and they’re subjected to systematic torture in an attempt to siphon the secrets of the DC Universe heroes in an effort to destroy them. As Nemesis works to escape, he finds few people he can truly trust. But nothing could prepare him for the hideous truth behind his situation!On sale May 13 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: DANCE #1 Written by Joe CaseyArt by ChrisCrossCover by Stanley “Artgerm” LauJapan’s Super Young Team wants nothing more than to be seen as heroes in the eyes of their adoring public. Unfortunately, their adventures during FINAL CRISIS have gone unnoticed, and they’ve been reduced to performing at public appearances and on various TV shows literally dancing for their livelihood. But the appearance of a new American teammate and a deadly threat complicates the motives of the team as they try and find what truly makes somebody not just a hero, but a sensational hero. Discover the path to greatness in this exciting 6-issue miniseries!On sale May 20 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK #1 Written by Eric WallaceArt by Fabrizio FiorentinoCover by Brian StelfreezeIn the wake of FINAL CRISIS, the Tattooed Man is considered a hero for the first time in his life. At first, the rewards from his new lifestyle are a welcome change from the rest of what his existence has been, but soon the pressure to stay above temptation and evil start to wear him down. Matters are quickly complicated when he wakes up in the middle of the night to find his body covered in unfamiliar tattoos that seem to have a life of their own. In this 6-issue miniseries from newcomer writer Eric Wallace (TV’s Eureka) and artist Fabrizio Fiorentino, the Tattooed Man finds himself in the middle of a life and death struggle with his own powers and the master plan they seem to have for him – whether he likes it or not!On sale May 27 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Jim: Four six issue mini-series tied to Final Crisis all with single word names which give no hint of what the title is about. Oh I will try all four, but I just think that this is a horrible way to try and play off the “success” of Final Crisis.
Lee: What luck! I’m not going to try a single one. If they’re any good they will be collected in a trade. And, if they cross over into another series or mini-series then I can skip. I’m sick of the interconnected-ness that stops you from every getting a story in one place.
Gwen: Honestly the only one I consider to be remotely interesting is Ink as the Tattooed Man became a slightly more interesting character during Resist.

BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL #3 Written by Tony DanielArt by Tony Daniel & Sandu Florea Covers by Tony Daniel With the destruction of Arkham Asylum, the return of the Black Mask, and dozens of Gotham City’s most lethal villains rioting through the streets, Nightwing, Robin and their allies seem to have their hands full. But when you add a deadly Jason Todd masquerading as a gun-toting Batman to the mix, things have definitely spiraled out of control!This is the issue everyone’s been waiting for – find out who wins the Battle for the Cowl! Who earns the right to take on the mantle of the Bat? Will it be Robin? Jason Todd? Nightwing? Azrael? Catwoman? Two-Face? Damian Wayne? Batwoman? Or someone completely unexpected? This 3-issue series continues to shock and surprise as the battle comes to a startling finale for the ages! On sale May 20 • 3 of 3 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL – THE NETWORK #1 Written by Fabian Nicieza Art by Don KramerCover by Ladrönn A wave of heroes arrive in Gotham City in this one-shot with hopes of helping stem the tide of chaos threatening to overwhelm everybody! Starring Huntress, Batgirl, Misfit, Ragman, Manhunter and many others. Will these heroes succeed – or will they be victims of Gotham City's madness? And if they do succeed, what does the future hold for them?On sale May 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

GOTHAM GAZETTE: BATMAN ALIVE? #1Written by Fabian NiciezaArt by Dustin Nguyen, Guillem March, Jamie McKelvie, ChrisCross and Alex KonatCover by Dustin NguyenA city looking to rise up. A new Dark Knight is casting his shadow until dawn's early light. A cop looking to solve a murder whose solution may be worse than the crime. A reporter who can reclaim her social standing only by rejecting everything she believes in. A doctor who has found new life by compromising her old one. One hero who has determined a course of action no matter whose plans it spoils.Harvey Bullock. Vicki Vale. Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Stephanie Brown. These four ordinary people living extraordinary lives look to regain their balance in a city that turns lives upside down. Morning comes to Gotham City and the time for mourning has passed. How do the people of Gotham City deal with the sudden arrival of hope? Find out in this new one-shot!On sale May 27 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

AZRAEL: DEATH’S DARK KNIGHT #3 Written by Fabian Nicieza Art by Frazer Irving Cover by Guillem MarchIf murder and suicide are sins before God, then what if you were asked to kill in the name of God and by doing so, it would ultimately kill you? To reclaim his damaged soul, to redeem the mistakes of his past and to make a difference in a Gotham City that has been torn apart by the death of The Dark Knight, Azrael must make a fateful decision – become a hero and die, serving in Heaven or reject the opportunity and live, damned to suffer in Hell.And while large issues of life and death, morality and eternal salvation are weighed, Azrael must also confront the two parties interested in regaining the Suit of Sorrows: Talia al Ghul and Nightwing!On sale May 13 • 3 of 3 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

ORACLE #3 Written by Kevin VanHookArt by Julian Lopez & BitCover by Guillem MarchThe remnants of Anti-Life are within the Calculator’s grasp, and he will kill anyone who stands in his way! Will the Calculator be able to save the life of his daughter? Or will Oracle stop him from killing more Internet hackers? Either way, someone dies and someone gains ultimate knowledge…but at what price? Be here for the stunning conclusion that will change Oracle and the Birds of Prey forever!On sale May 13 • 3 of 3 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Jim: This is the way you do an event. Regardless of the fact that I dislike this type of stunt and think the “Battle for the Cowl” is a bad concept, as a Batman fan I’m hooked into trying out this material. Also I’m not even that upset as Batman, Detective, Birds of Prey, Nightwing and Robin has all been canceled or put on hiatus for this event, the net increase in spending is minimal. Also the books are only $2.99 and as DC seems to actually not try to rape us as much as Marvel I will try more of their books out then I will Marvel.
Lee: I’ll wait and see/hear the reviews before I get excited about this. It is more contained but I’m not sure I care that much about the Batman universe right now.
Gwen: I'll agree with Jim, in the way that I'm interested because I'm a Batman fan. Still, I have a sense of impending doom about the whole idea of people fighting to be Batman =/

BATMAN IN BARCELONA: DRAGON’S KNIGHT #1 Written by Mark WaidArt by Diego OlmosCover by Jim LeeWhen a string of bizarre murders hits Spain’s beautiful coastal city of Barcelona, The Dark Knight makes solving this crime his top priority. Full of international intrigue, high adventure and even higher stakes, BATMAN IN BARCELONA: DRAGON’S KNIGHT showcases The Caped Crusader in a different type of Gotham – but one no less dangerous!Fan-favorite writer Mark Waid (KINGDOM COME) delivers an exciting, non-stop one-shot full of surprises while Spanish art sensation Diego Olmos (SUPERNATURAL: RISING SON) beautifully illustrates his home city. Featuring a gorgeous cover by best-selling artist Jim Lee (BATMAN, SUPERMAN)!On sale May 27 • 48 pg, FC, $3.99 US

Jim: And see even if Bruce is gone forever we can always have stories like this about Bruce from times past. On another note, Mark Waid is everywhere right now. Editor in Chief of Boom, writing Batman and Spider-Man books, launching multiple series for BOOM, does the guy ever sleep?
Lee: I guess that’s one way to keep Bruce around. I wonder how long this has been sitting in a drawer.
Gwen: Yay! Mark Waid writing a Batman story - looks like fun.

JONAH HEX #43 Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin GrayArt and cover by Paul GulacySome small-town officials hire Hex to resolve a hostage situation at a local hotel, but his solution is far more brutal than everybody was expecting. Will anyone make it out of "The Hyde House Massacre" alive?On sale May 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Jim: I love this book, but I picked it because Paul Gulacy is doing the art. His stylized artwork is very distinctive and I have only seen one artist come close to his style and that was Matt (Zero Killer) Camp. This should be an interesting take on Jonah.
Lee: I can’t believe that this series is still around. That’s the most amazing part.
Gwen: I've never really gotten into Jonah Hex.

THE LAST DAYS OF ANIMAL MAN #1 Written by Gerry ConwayArt by Chris Batista & Dave MeikisCover by Brian BollandIs Buddy Baker losing it all? Everyman hero Buddy Baker has fought hard for our world, and for his family. But by the year 2024, the Earth has seen better days: The heroes are growing tired, the villains have grown nastier and Buddy’s own hometown of San Diego has struggled for years to recover from a cataclysmic typhoon. His children have grown and his marriage has gotten colder… and now, as San Diego faces the most vicious Super-Villain it’s seen in years, his powers are starting to fail him! Without his powers, without his family – who is Buddy Baker? Can he still be a husband? Can he still be a father? Can he still be Animal Man? And more importantly, can he even survive the bloodthirsty plan his arch-rival’s progeny has in store for him?Comics legend Gerry Conway (TV’s Law and Order) makes his return to DC with this can’t-miss miniseries!On sale May 27 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Jim: Wow, Gerry Conway, that is a blast from the past. I read an interview with him not that long ago (I believe) where he said he did not have any desire to write comics anymore, wonder what changed. Not sure if he is the right choice to bring Buddy back into the mainstream.
Lee: Wow. Talk about not caring at all. Animal floundered so badly after Morrison left because no one knew what to do with the character. Heck, no one knows what to do with him now. But, with the series set in the future, maybe it’ll be a good Elseworlds story.
Gwen: Why is this set in the future? Is this in fact an Elseworlds? If it's not it should be.

POWER GIRL #1 Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin GrayArt by Amanda ConnerCovers by Adam Hughes and Amanda ConnerIn her own ongoing series at last! Straight from the pages of JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, Power Girl starts life anew by building herself a secret identity. But a major villain from her past has other plans in store for the Super Hero, and to get his way, he’s holding Manhattan hostage!From the fan-favorite writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (JONAH HEX, TERRA) and featuring the vivacious art of Amanda Conner (JSA CLASSIFIED, TERRA) comes this rip-roaring new series!Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers by Amanda Conner and Adam Hughes that will ship in approximately 50/50 ratio.
On sale May 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Jim: I like Power Girl, but giving the book to Amanda Conner as the artist is a bad choice. She is a good artist, but has a lighter tone to her work and happy go lucky super hero work does not sell.
Lee: At least once a review I end up asking “there was demand for this???.” How about we cancel this series and fix Supergirl first. The last thing we need to two poorly written girl books.
Gwen: I don't think this is a girl book - Power Girl doesn't appeal to a lot of female fans. I get thrown off by the costume as it makes me think she's a character designed for men.

BATMAN: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CAPED CRUSADER? DELUXE EDITION HC Written by Neil Gaiman Art by Andy Kubert & Scott Williams, Mark Buckingham, Bernie Mireault & Matt Wagner and Simon BisleyCover by Andy Kubert & Scott WilliamsBest-selling author Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN) joins a murderer’s row of talented artists in lending his unique touch to the Batman mythos for this Deluxe Edition hardcover! Spotlighting the story “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” from BATMAN #685 and DETECTIVE COMICS #852 in which Gaiman joins artist Andy Kubert and inker Scott Williams for a story that shines a new light on the Batman mythos. Also collects Gaiman stories from SECRET ORIGINS #36, SECRET ORIGINS SPECIAL #1 and BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE #2. This collection is not to be missed!Advance-solicited; on sale July 22 • 7 1/16" x 10 7/8", 128 pg, FC, $24.99 US

SUPERMAN: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE MAN OF TOMORROW? DELUXE EDITION HC Written by Alan MooreArt by Dave Gibbons, Curt Swan & George Perez, Kurt Schaffenberger, Murphy Anderson and Rick Veitch & Al WilliamsonCover by Brian BollandLegendary writer Alan Moore’s seminal Superman issues are collected in this Deluxe Edition hardcover featuring beautiful art from Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN), Curt Swan (ACTION COMICS) and Rick Veitch (SWAMP THING)! Collects the two-part “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” from SUPERMAN #423 and ACTION COMICS #583 as Superman faces his greatest foes and his final battle! Also featuring the classic story “For the Man who has Everything” from ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #11 where Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman fight the evil warlord Mongul for the fate of The Man of Steel. And in DC COMICS PRESENTS #85, Superman meets Swamp Thing, a character fans have identified with Moore for over 20 years!Advance-solicited; on sale July 8 • 7 1/16" x 10 7/8", 128 pg, FC, $24.99 US

Jim: I will pick up both of these, but I really wanted more DVD extras in the books, like the scripts and for Batman Kubert’s sketchbook.
Lee: I’ll pass on the Batman and get the Superman. I already have it in trade but it’s really good so I’ll upgrade.
Gwen: These look like nice collections.

BATMAN: THE BLACK CASEBOOK TP Written by Bill Finger, Edmond Hamilton and othersArt by Sheldon Moldoff, Dick Sprang and othersCover by Alex RossDiscover the stories that inspired recent events in the Batman universe with this new collection! Featuring stories from BATMAN #65, 86, 112, 113, 134, 156 and 162, DETECTIVE COMICS #215, 235, 247 and 267, and WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #89. With an intro by Grant Morrison.Advance-solicited; on sale June 17 • 144 pg, FC, $17.99 US

Jim: Oh I have to read this, but shouldn’t this have come out when Morrison was writing RIP. I still have a problem having to research old comics to understand what is going on in the story.
Lee: Since I didn’t read RIP, this is a very easy pass.
Gwen: I didn't really like RIP that much either but these stories look like they could be interesting.

DC COMICS CLASSICS LIBRARY: FLASH OF TWO WORLDS HC Written by Gardner Fox and John BroomeArt by Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella and Sid GreeneCover by Carmine Infantino & Murphy AndersonThe super-speedsters of two worlds race into adventure in this new collection of tales! Learn how police scientist Barry Allen, The Flash of the 1960s, first crossed paths with his predecessor, Jay Garrick, in this hardcover featuring THE FLASH #123, 129, 137, 151 and 173.Advance-solicited; on sale July 29 • 144 pg, FC, $39.99 US

Jim: DC is saving money for me as much of this material I have in other hard cover collections that are better quality, so I can pass on this book.
Lee: I do like that DC has this new series but I’m waiting until they get into the silverage material. It’s fine for what it is but, like Jim, I have it in other formats.
Gwen: Jim has this so I'm good.

SUPERMAN IN WORLD'S FINEST COMICS ARCHIVES VOL. 2 HC Written by Jerry Siegel and othersArt by Various
The second Archive collecting adventures from WORLD'S FINEST COMICS is here, with stories from issues #17-32 (1945-1948)! Don't miss The Man of Tomorrow's unforgettable battles with The Toyman, Lex Luthor and others!Advance-solicited; on sale October 28 • 224 pages, FC, $59.99 US

Jim: Again an easy pass as these is obscure material from an era that no one ever talks about, so I sure as heck won’t pay $60 for it.
Lee: I hate to point out that anything from 1940-60 should be considered obscure material. It’s fun material but the $60 price point is beyond me for a lark.
Gwen: I don't know if "unforgettable" was the right term for battles I've never heard of.
Jim: Perhaps "forgettable", but that was not a big selling point.

KILLAPALOOZA #1 Written by Adam BeechenArt and cover by Trevor HairsineThe Clap are the biggest band in the world–headlining massive stadium tours, selling millions of records, and hobnobbing with the rich and fabulous. And in their spare time, they also happen to be the most sought-after meta-human assassination unit on the black market! Using their status as rock icons as a cover, they’ve perpetrated some of the more elaborate murders in modern memory! But a financial crunch has the group signing on for one last “gig” both as The Clap and as assassins. But they aren’t the only band – or assassin – on the bill!KILLAPALOOZA is a high-octane, outrageous adventure by writer Adam Beechen (ROBIN) and artist Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis) that will leave the reader guessing until the very end!On sale May 20 • 1 of 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Jim: If I did not pick it Lee would have, assassins as rock star band members. Lee will opine how this validates his idea that music and comics are tied together, while it is just people having love of two forms of entertainment and combining them – no mystical connection.
Lee: Actually, I’m wonder which series will finish first, this or Wolvie v. Hulk. Hairsine hasn’t made a deadline yet so I hope the books done now otherwise it never will be.
Gwen: This looks like something we'll be carrying at Spencers!

THE UNWRITTEN #1 Written by Mike CareyArt by Peter GrossCover by Yuko ShimizuEveryone's read the Tommy Taylor books, the popular series of novels turned pop culture phenomenon about a boy wizard’s adventures. And everyone knows about Tom Taylor, the boy the novels were based on, whose life was so overshadowed by his Dad’s fictional epic that Tom’s become a lame Z-level celebrity at best and a human viral marketing tool at worst.But what if the resemblance goes even deeper? What if Tom is the boy-wizard of the books made flesh? And if that sounds crazy, why is it bringing him into the crosshairs of an ancient faction that has never been named in any book or text?To discover the truth about himself, Tom must search through all the places in history where fiction and reality have intersected. And in the process, he’ll learn more about that unwritten cabal and the plot they’re at the center of –– a plot that spans all of literature from the first clay tablets to the gothic castles where Frankenstein was conceived to the self-adjusting stories of the internet.A conspiracy mystery a la The Da Vinci Code, THE UNWRITTEN is the eagerly anticipated reunion of Mike Carey (X-Men, HELLBLAZER) and Peter Gross (FABLES, Chosen) – the team behind the multiple Eisner-nominated LUCIFER. Acclaimed artist Yuko Shimizu (SANDMAN: DREAM HUNTERS) joins the duo on covers, and the series kicks off with a 4-issue opening storyarc with the extra-sized 40-page debut promo-priced at only $1.00!On sale May 13 • 40 pg, FC, $1 US • MATURE READERS

Jim: Oh this sounds like the best new release of the month. Carey is in his element with this premise and Peter Gross is a strong artist. Plus a 40 page debut for a BUCK! What a great deal.
Lee: This should be really, really good. Hopefully, this is a sign of Vertigo’s return to greatness.
Gwen: This sounds bizarre but with Mike Carey it'll be worth giving a shot.

THE ABSOLUTE DEATH HC Written by Neil GaimanArt by Mark Buckingham, Chris Bachalo, Jeffrey Jones, Dave McKean and Mark PenningtonCover by Dave McKean“The landmark comic-book series that actually made Death seem . . . cool.”— ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY on THE SANDMANFrom the pages of Newbery Medal winner Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN comes the young, pale, perky, fan-favorite character Death in a new Absolute Edition collecting her solo adventures! Featuring the miniseries DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING #1-3 in which Death befriends a teenager and helps a 250-year old homeless woman find her missing heart. Also included is the DEATH: THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE 3-issue miniseries featuring the story of a rising star in the music world wrestling with revealing her true sexual orientation just as her lover is lured into Death’s imminent realm. And enjoy a plethora of extras including the DEATH TALKS ABOUT LIFE AIDS pamphlet, stories from VERTIGO: WINTER’S EDGE #2 and THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS, the short story “The Wheel” from the 9-11 tribute book, SANDMAN #8 and #20 and extras from the DEATH GALLERY one-shot along with an intro from Amanda Palmer, the lead singer of the hit musical group The Dresden Dolls! It’s all combined right here for the first time in one volume. This Absolute Edition slipcased hardcover is also the perfect companion for THE ABSOLUTE SANDMAN and ideal for fans of Gaiman’s sprawling, intimate comics work!Advance-solicited; on sale October 28 • 8.25” x 12.5”, 360 pg, FC, $99.00 US

Jim: DC solicited a similar book as a deluxe format for $40 and now wants to add two stories already in what is classified as a companion volume (Absolute Sandman). No way am I buying this even as a gift for someone.
Lee: Didn’t get the absolute Sandman books. Won’t be getting this one either.
Gwen: It's cool Jim, I already have the Death stories in HC.

THE NOBODY HC Written by Jeff LemireArt and cover by Jeff Lemire“Lemire handles the stuff of a Willa Cather novel with equal poetry . . . He renders emotion and temperment in a cartoon face with breathtaking, masterful economy.”— Booklist on The Essex County TrilogyThe tiny, isolated fishing village of Large Mouth never saw much excitement — until the arrival of the stranger, that is. Wrapped from head to toe in bandages and wearing weird goggles, he quietly took up residence in the sleepy town’s motel. Driven by curiosity, the townfolk quickly learn the tragic story of his past, and of the terrible accident that left him horribly disfigured. Eventually, the town embraces the stranger as one of their own — but do his bandages hide more than just scars?Inspired by H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man, THE NOBODY explores themes of identity, fear and paranoia in a small community from up-and-coming alternative comics creator and Xeric Award-winner Jeff Lemire (The Essex County Trilogy) in a special two-color story that’ll have you guessing until the very end.Advance-solicited; on sale July 29 • 6.75” x 10.25”, 144 pg, 2-color, $19.99 US • MATURE READERS

Jim: I was checking this book out doing a little research on the creator and I’m buying this puppy. It looks like it has a lot of potential.
Lee: I love Lemire’s work. The Essex Country Trilogy is one of the best series of the last few years. I’m in.
Gwen: Let me know what you guys think. Maybe I'll steal it from Jim's shelf next time I'm in MD.

MADAME XANADU #11 By Matt WagnerArt and cover by Michael Wm. KalutaMaster illustrator Michael Wm. Kaluta jumps onboard for a 5-issue story with the seductive sorceress he first brought to life 30 years ago. Kaluta joins series scribe Matt Wagner to weave a mystery that jumps between the Spanish Inquisition and 1940s New York City. Long-buried secrets come back to life as Madame Xanadu investigates a murder 500 years in the making. Featuring colors by Eisner Award-winner Dave Stewart.On sale May 27 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS

Jim: Michael Wm. Kaluta doing five issues of this book, there is a god. His covers here and there many moons ago is what made this character so compelling. If Amy needs a break there is no drop off with Mr. Kaluta. I can’t wait.
Lee: I read this in trades so I’ll read it around Christmas.
Gwen: I still prefer Amy's work, but this art is gorgeous too. I love this series.

JLA TROPHY ROOM: GREEN LANTERN RINGS PROP REPLICA An age-old prophecy foretold the coming of the Blackest Night, and the war of light between the emotional spectrum! The Green Lantern and (yellow) Sinestro Corps are confronted by the Red Lanterns, Agent Orange, the Blue Lanterns, the mysterious Indigo Lanterns, the (violet) Star Sapphires and, ultimately, the Black Lantern Corps.Now, for the first time ever, all of these Power Rings are collected together in one spectacular display!Eight plated metal rings (each a different color, signifying the insignia of the various Corps) fit into a battery-operated, light-up resin display base. The rings are protected by a removable glass dome that sits on top of the base.This special prop replica is linked to the highly anticipated “Blackest Night” storyline!This mixed-media, hand-painted, limited-edition piece measures approximately 8” high x 5.5” wide x 5.5” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box, along with a 4-color Certificate of Authenticity and an instruction sheet. Batteries are also included.Manufactured to order.* Rings are removable but are prop replicas ONLY and are not meant to be worn.Advance-solicited; on sale October 7, 2009 Prop Replica * $250 US

Lee: Forget the neon signs, the rings have arrived. Dollar says at least one guy is wearing all eight rings at San Diego this year!!!
Jim: The guy wearing all eight rings also has a Special Olympics medal around his neck.
Gwen: $250 and you're not even supposed to wear it?

WOMEN OF THE DC UNIVERSE: MERA BUST DESIGNED BY TERRY DODSONSCULPTED BY BARSOM Mera, the amphibious beauty from another dimension, joins the popular WOMEN OF THE DC UNIVERSE line of busts!Posed atop a base featuring a swimming octopus, the Mera Bust is the perfect companion to the HEROES OF THE DC UNIVERSE: AQUAMAN BUST, also solicited this month.Measuring approximately 5” high x 3” wide x 3.5” deep, this hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust is packaged in a 4-color box and is manufactured to order.Advance-solicited; on sale October 7, 2009 * Bust * $55 US

Lee: There is NO WAY that Terry Dodson designed this. The... sculptures are way to small. If Dodson had designed this then... things... would have been bigger. Like Powergirl bigger!
Jim: Then she would not have been able to stay under water and would have floated up and died. Who wants a rotting fish smell.
Gwen: ......

JLA IDENTITY CRISIS CLASSICS SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES These four core members of the Justice League of America are perfect for superhero fans and collectors of all ages!Based on the original IDENTITY CRISIS figures, this release features new head sculpts that showcase the art of this modern comics classic better than ever before.All figures feature multiple points of articulation, include a display base and are packaged on 4-color clamshell blister card packaging.
Figures included:Green Arrow • 6.25” hBatman • 6.25” hThe Flash • 6.25” hSuperman • 6.25” h

Jim: Worse looking faces on an action figures almost ever. Plus these are way over done.
Lee: When you say “these are way over done,” you do realize you’re talking about action figures right????
Gwen: Oh good, action figures Jim isn't getting!

JLA MINI NEON SIGN Decorate your home or store with this exciting, affordable neon sign featuring the iconic Justice League of America logo!The adjustable base unit can sit on a tabletop or be mounted to a wall.Powered by a plug-in, UL-adapter, the sign itself measures approximately 14" wide x 6" high and has a base measuring approximately 5.5” in diameter. Packaged in a 4-color box.Advance-solicited; on sale October 14, 2009 * Neon Sign * $89.99 US

Jim: Oh joy yet another mini neon sign. At least all the fans living in basements should have some more light in their rooms now.
Lee: But, it’s good to know that if I collect neon signs there will be lots of options out there for me.
Gwen: Why do we keep putting these up?

Jim: A lot of new mini-series for me to check out, but just a little bit in the hard cover arena and DC has so much great stuff to publish why are they doing so many reruns (Death of Ferro Lad and Flash of Two Worlds)?
Lee: Here’s a bad sign, it’s February (as this was written) and 2009 is already smearing together into one big lump. I bet there’s more of the same old-same old next month.
Gwen: I can't help but be afraid of how much my Bat books are going to suck if they screw up this Battle for the Cowl thing.

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