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What I’m Getting Wednesday April 1

So Lee sent me an article that was from a reviewer of comics and graphic novels. In the article he talks about a company that will give you a review for a fee. I believe they quoted around $400 for a 400 to 500 word essay that will sing the praises of your work. I guess I have always known this type of stuff was out there, but still what utter crap. I received a couple of e-mails from a website that was producing a best of the web awards for 2008. How flattering that I was e-mailed I thought for half a second and then read it cost $250 to have our site nominated. I think I rather hand out the awards after collecting the money as opposed to being a recipient. It just cheapens all of the rest of the awards to have that type of stuff around. I heard that “The Golden Globes” was a made up award show also and the idea that it is foreign writers is a crock, now that it has been around for so long it has gained legitimacy, like the Mormon Church and watch in another 25 years Scientology maybe considered respectable as opposed to a bunch of quacks. Well no one pays anyone on this blog - sadly. But in 50 years we will be considered a classic website.

The books I’m looking forward to most this week are:

Agent of Atlas #3 – I have such a fondness for these characters and the way Jeff Parker has made them work is just a thing of beauty. Jimmy Woo, Venus and the rest are turning into my favorite Marvel group book. The hype “Back in the 1950's our heroes fall deeper into the mystery of the Dragon's Corridor- leading them to Communist plots and two mysteriously familiar bodies on ice. In the present day, a similar trail of intrigue winds back to secret plans of the Atlas Foundation. The Agents look to be building a hellish arsenal for Norman Osborn, and they've just gotten the attention of none other than Captain Ameica!”

Dark Reign Fantastic Four #2 (of 5) – The Fantastic Four was one of the comics that made me fall in love with comics. The first issue of this mini-series was decent and since the writer on this book is taking over the regular FF, I’m hoping to be able to fall in love with the characters again. I have to accept that the Torch will be portrayed more like his movie version, but maybe I can get past that. The word “The fallout of Reed's machine results in Sue, Ben and Johnny finding themselves in the middle of a super hero Hyborian-age civil war, while Reed searches for answers to questions that can only be found in alternate timelines. Back on Earth, it's Val and Franklin versus the agents of H.A.M.M.E.R.!”

Farscape #4 - I’d be really upset if this series was over, but BOOM has plenty of Farscape material coming out, just as a series of mini-series. I just love this book and love that one of my all time favorite shows feels like it is back. What’s inside “Writer(s): Keith DeCandido, Rockne S. O'Bannon, Artist: Tommy Patterson, TV’s science fiction masterpiece FARSCAPE returns! The battle for Hyneria comes to its shocking conclusion! This is a game-changer for the Farscape mythology, ‘Scapers! Don’t frelling miss this!”

Flash Rebirth #1 (of 5) - DC has put a ton of marketing push behind this book and has bet the Flash franchise (for at least five years) on the back of this book. The Flash franchise has been almost ruined of late and bringing back Barry is full of perils and problems. DC has their number one man on the job with Geoff Johns and a top tier artist (who hopefully will make the schedule on this book) Ethan Van Sciver. If it wasn’t for Irredeemable coming out the same week I would think this book would be the early pick for book of the week. DC says “Written by Geoff Johns; Art and covers by Ethan Van Sciver. Through the decades, many heroes have taken the mantle of The Flash, but they all ride the lightning that crackles in the wake of the greatest hero the DC Universe has ever known, the man who sacrificed himself to save the Multiverse: Barry Allen! Following the events of FINAL CRISIS, Barry has beaten death and returned to a fast-paced world that a man out of time wouldn't recognize. Or is it a world that is only just now catching up? All the running he's done before was just a warmup for the high-speed race that he and every other Flash must now run, because even though one speedster might have beaten death, another has just turned up dead! From Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, the visionaries responsible for the blockbuster GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH and THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR, comes the start of an explosive and jaw-dropping epic that will reintroduce to the modern age the hero who single-handedly birthed the Silver Age of comics! DC history will be made, and the Flash legacy will be redefined!"

Irredeemable #1 – This has to be the book of the week, you can see my early review here, the word from BOOM is “Get ready for the newest original ongoing superhero series from Mark Waid! Irredeemable dares to ask the question: what if the world's greatest hero decided to become the world's greatest villain? It's a twilight of the superheroes-style story that examines super-villains from the writer of Kingdom Come and Empire! With a special afterword by Grant Morrison.” This book has cured me of the malaise that I felt comics had fallen into lately. A tonic for the comic book blues.

Jersey Gods #3 – This book is a great new series. I love it when the book reflects the passion of the creators and it is obvious that these guys are producing a labor of love. Plus it is coming out on a regular schedule which is very important. Join me for another chapter of “New Gods in Love”, you’ll have a blast. The official marketing blurb “Civil war erupts on Neboron - Barock, Helius and Rushmore's plan to kidnap Deltus and bring a quick end to the skirmish fails miserably. On Earth, Zoe gets an earful from her parents. She also discovers the reason why her best friend's been ducking her and it ain't pretty. Also in this issue, MARK WAID, begins his JERSEY GODS story. This, the first of four consecutive six-pagers by WAID, sets the stage for his ten thousand year-old war story that tells the tale of a crucial battle in the history of gods of Neboron and features art by Eisner Web-comic nominee, JOE INFURNARI - "The Transmigration of Ultra-Lad."”

The Mighty #3 – This is another one of the “creator” owned series being published under the DC banner (like Jack Cross and Simon Dark). This book is an examination of what it would be like to have a true Superman in the “real” world and he is apparently the only hero. Power corrupts and apparently super power corrupts in spectacular fashion. This type of story has been done before, but so far not like this. This series is worth the price of admission. The hype “Written by Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne; Art by Peter Snejbjerg; Cover by Dave Johnson. Alpha One may be the most powerful being on the face of the planet, but emotionally, he's vulnerable – and he needs a friend he can trust. His ally Gabriel Cole, who has just officially taken command of Section Omega, is becoming that friend. But neither man knows the danger they tempt by inviting each other into their homes. And what amazing secrets are hidden in Alpha One's underground headquarters?”

Scalped #27 – Hard to continue to come up with superlatives on a book that I said was my favorite series of the year in 2008 and is consistently one of the strongest books on the stands. If you are not getting this book, you are missing out. Under the cover “Written by Jason Aaron; Art by Francesco Francavilla; Cover by Jock. He's Dash Bad Horse's boss and Chief Red Crow's archenemy, but what do we really know about FBI Agent Baylis Earl Nitz? This issue, take a peek inside Nitz's train wreck of a life, littered with ex-wives and lethal grudges, and see for yourself just how far he's willing to go to take out his enemies.”

Shrapnel #4 (of 5) – This series is building and building and the great thing about it, is that it is only the first story that is over after issue #5 as the series is a trilogy. Radical’s comics most ambitious series to date. The word “Desperation takes hold in the rebellion. While Sam struggles to forge a fragile alliance with the Martian colony forces, a dark figure resurfaces, creating a staggering loss for the Militia. As war hurtles toward its final battle, can Sam conquer the conflicts of her past to protect humanity's future?”

Supermen First Wave of Heroes (1939-41) GN – Fantagraphic books is a sure sign that you will get a quality product and this sounds like so much fun that I can hardly wait. This book has a smattering of forgotten “golden age” supermen characters to read and enjoy. What they are saying “Edited by Greg Sadowski; Introduction by Jonathan LethemOf the 22 stories appearing in SUPERMEN! the vast majority haven't seen print since first publication, including the notorious 1939 Wonder Man debut by Will Eisner. Wonder Man lasted one issue after a successful DC Comics lawsuit cited the similarity to its son of Krypton. This lawsuit inspired more individual and offbeat approaches, and it's on these mavericks and oddballs we focus this collection. The roster features such no tables as Basil Wolverton, Jack Kirby, Jack Cole, Fletcher Hanks, Ogden Whitney, Lou Fine, Charles Biro, Fred Guardineer, and Dick Briefer. Fighting villainy is hard work and in SUPERMEN! it's downright ruthless.”

War of Kings #2 (of 6) – The first issue was a blast and featured a great battle between Vulcan’s troops and the Inhumans. Vulcan’s quick withdraw after capturing Lilandra felt a little weak, but we are suppose to think that Lilandra was his goal and not the defeat of Black Bolt. Marvel says “The cosmic heavyweights come out swinging! Black Bolt! Gladiator! The Inhumans! Vulcan! The Starjammers! As Kree outworlds burn, Shi’Ar forces move in for the kill—as first blood goes to Vulcan and the Imperial Guard! Can anything withstand the military juggernaut of Vulcan’s Imperium? And are the lines of allegiance drawn as clearly as it first appears? The major players make their big moves as the battle that will reshape the cosmic power structure rages on!”

The rest of the list:

Astounding Wolf-Man #14 - Incarcerated! Is this the end for Gary Hampton, The Astounding Wolf-Man? No, dear readers--this is only the beginning!

Authority #9 - Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and Christos Gage; Art by Simon Coleby and Ivan Reis and Livesay; Cover by Simon Coleby. The Authority find themselves in a battle for their lives against a being of immense power and they'll need a miracle to survive in one piece. Do they still have an ace up their sleeve? And one of the members of the team will be taking an incredible step toward recovery...but at what cost?

Batman Battle for the Cowl Man-Bat - Written by Joe Harris; Art by Jim Calafiore; Cover by Ladrönn. Spinning out of the events in BATTLE FOR THE COWL, Gotham City is in chaos and the villains of Arkham Asylum are running amok. One such villain is the evil Doctor Phosphorus who seeks out another scientist in this one-shot to help him grow even more powerful. But when that scientist is Kirk Langstrom, a.k.a. Man-Bat, Doctor Phosphorus – and all of Gotham – will get much more than they bargained for!

Dead Romeo #1 (of 6) - Written by Jesse Blaze Snider; Art and Cover by Ryan Benjamin. Jonathan Romero, aka "Dead Romeo," was the lead singer of the '80s rock band "The Dead Romeos." But that was before a mysterious set of circumstances turned him into a vampire and sent him straight to Hell. Now he's back on Earth and he has a difficult choice to make: Kill his true love and earn his permanent release from eternal damnation – or protect her and burn for eternity. Either way, someone is going to die!It's vampires, romance, rock and dismemberment like you've never seen before! New writer Jesse Blaze Snider joins artist Ryan Benjamin for a bloodsucking good time in this all-new 6-issue miniseries.

Deadpool #9 – Sucked into a cross-over with Thunderbolts – arrghh. - “MAGNUM OPUS,” PART 3 OF 4 Tie-in to “DARK REIGN” SPECIAL CROSSOVER WITH THUNDERBOLTS! Love is in the air — but so are a whole lotta bullets! Is Black Widow really falling for Deadpool, or is she using her feminine wiles to bamboozle our questionable hero? Here’s a hint: her name is Black Widow! Don’t do it, Wade! MAGNUM OPUS, the shoot-‘em-up romp of the year, revs toward its conclusion as Deadpool pulls an ace from up his sleeve. Enter: TASKMASTER!
Haunted Tank #5 (of 5)- Written by Frank Marraffino ; Art by Henry Flint; Cover by Ted McKeever. April 2003: The Haunted Tank rolls into Baghdad after only 21 days of conflict, and its crew looks forward to a quick rotation home. But as their ghostly compatriot knows all too well, in war, things aren't always how they first appear. And those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Invincible Iron Man #12 - Pepper Potts takes flight! Maria Hill fights back! And Iron Man heads for a Stark Lab hiding somewhere in the briny deep where Norman Osborn dispatches PRINCE NAMOR to take him out. Man oh man is THAT gonna be a fight for the ages. By Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca!

Jonah Hex #42 - Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray; Art and Cover by Jordi Bernet. It's Jonah Hex as you've never seen him before: as a kid! During a particularly tense duel, Jonah is reminded of the lessons of his childhood. And to say that Jonah's father was a believer in "tough love" is the understatement of the year!

Justice Society of America #25 Written by Geoff Johns and Jerry Ordway; Art by Jerry Ordway and Bob Wiacek; Cover by Alex Ross. The "Black Adam and Isis" epic concludes here! With Billy Batson banished from the Rock of Eternity, the Justice Society calls upon an old friend to help in the battle against the Black Marvel family and stop Black Adam and Isis once and for all!

Noble Causes #40 – Final Issue - Race and Liz return as the long-running superhero saga comes to a close. We’ve saved the best surprises for last! With a special wraparound cover featuring the entire series cast, past and present.

Prototype #1 (of 6)Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti; Art and Cover by Darick Robertson and Matt Jacobs. Acclaimed writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (COUNTDOWN, FRIDAY THE 13TH, JONAH HEX) join forces with artistic powerhouse Darick Robertson (The Boys) for a 6-issue WildStorm epic like no other. In anticipation of the upcoming multiplatform Activision video game comes the hyperkinetic world of PROTOTYPE! Follow New York homicide detectives as they track a serial killer unlike any they've ever faced, and enter a new era where human extinction and monstrous evolution collide!

Remnant #4 (of 4) - The whole world is falling apart, and CIA agent David Sacker is stuck in the middle of it. He comes face-to-face with the true villains that are behind the planet-wide attacks in this gripping finale. Featuring sensational interiors and cover by hot newcomer artist Julian Totino Tedesco!
Seaguy The Slaves of Mickey Eye #1 (of 3)- Written by Grant Morrison; Art and Cover by Cameron Stewart. In 2008 alone, superstar writer Grant Morrison killed Batman, put the entire DC Universe through its FINAL CRISIS and concluded the unanimously beloved ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. But what does a writer who's written every significant Super Hero do when he can create any Super Hero he wants? The answer, of course, is SEAGUY! Morrison (THE INVISIBLES) rejoins original SEAGUY artist Cameron Stewart (SEVEN SOLDIERS) in an all-new adventure starring the cult-favorite character! In Seaguy's cartoon future world, everyone is a Super Hero and no one dies. It's absolutely perfect...Or is it? In this follow-up to the cult 2004 miniseries, Seaguy resurfaces with a sinister new partner, a hatred of the sea and a rebel restlessness he can't explain. Why are Doc Hero and his ex-archenemy Silvan Niltoid, the Alien from Planet Earth, whispering strange equations? Why is Death so useless? And can that really be the ghost of Chubby Da Choona mumbling uncanny warnings and dire prophecies of ultimate catastrophe? When the grotesque powers lurking behind the corporation known as Mickey Eye and the Happy Group attempt to erase Seaguy's entire existence, can he possibly get it together in time to save a world so far gone it can't even imagine the horror lying in wait? Find out here in Morrison's own personal reframing of the Super Hero concept for the 21st century.

Secret Warriors #3 - THIS WEEK'S BREAST COVER AWARD - The most talked-about new Marvel series continues as HYDRA's plans pick up speed while more remnants of S.H.I.E.L.D. fall. Nick Fury reconnects with an old colleague and finds out that the balance has shifted between him and some of his former soldiers. All that, and the Warriors suffer their first casualty of war.

Strange Adventures #2 (of 8) – Sometimes I feel like this is the title of my life. -Written by Jim Starlin; Art by Manuel Garcia and Al Milgrom and Jim Starlin and Rob Hunter; Cover by Jim Starlin and Rob Hunter. Adam Strange discovers that someone – or something – is stealing stars. But no one believes him! Has Adam gone crazy? Meanwhile, Comet remains in hiding until the arrival of a very unexpected visitor while Bizarro tries putting an end to a senseless war.

Superman Batman #57 - Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and Mike Johnson; Art and cover by Whilce Portacio and Richard Friend. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning return for a special 3-part story! The Prankster succeeds in creating his ultimate revenge when he makes The Man of Steel disappear forever! It's up to the World's Greatest Detective to find his friend, but to do that, he'll have to embark on a quest to a place that could mean the end of The Worlds Finest Duo! Robin and John Henry Irons guest-star in part 1 of "Nanopolis"!

Teen Titans #69 - Written by Sean McKeever; Art by Allan Goldman and Julio Ferreira; Cover by Eddy Barrows and Ruy José. Get ready for the debut of the new Teen Titans line-up! What surprising heroes show up as part of the team? Who made the cut and who got sent home? And where do they go from here? This special issue sets the stage for the "Deathtrap" crossover with TITANS, which kicks off in the upcoming TEEN TITANS ANNUAL!

Teen Titans Annual 2009 - Written by Sean McKeever; Art by Fernando Dagnino and Raul Fernandez; Cover by Andrew Robinson. Prelude to the "Deathtrap" crossover between the pages of TEEN TITANS, TITANS and VIGILANTE! Titans Tower has mysteriously come to life to attack the Teen Titans! But The Titans have one secret weapon their unknown assailant doesn't know about. Will they be able to use this weapon in time to save themselves? Find out as the story continues in TITANS #12! And be sure to check out the awesome interlocking covers by Andrew Robinson spanning the entire "Deathtrap" story that create one massive image!

Trinity #44- Written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza; Art by Mark
Bagley and Art Thibert, Mike Norton and Ande Parks, Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens and Tom Derenick and Wayne Faucher; Covers by Shane Davis and John Dell and Jesus Merino. Earth – and all of reality – is under assault from space, magic forces, other dimensions and more! But if Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman changed forever, does it mean salvation for everybody else – or disaster? The Trinity leads DC's heroes and some surprising allies in a sprawling battle to save reality! Featuring Krona, Morgaine Le Fey, the Crime Syndicate, Despero, Enigma, the JLA and loads of other DC heroes and villains!

Universal War One Revelations #1 (of 3)- The Purgatory Squadron's survivors have done the impossible: By traveling through time, they've shut down the impenetrable Wall that cut the solar system in two. In doing so, they've discovered that the rebelliousColonization Industrial Companies have hidden a satellite in Earth's orbit that could destroy the planet just as the CIC eradicated Uranus. But the Purgatory Squadron has a trump card. Now stranded three days in their own past, they just might be able to return to Earth without notice. That gives the team of outcasts and criminals three days to stop a cataclysm that could bring about the first universal war.

X-Men First Class Finals #3 (of 4) - How metal is a giant ghostly Magneto presence trying to crush the X-Men? VERY METAL. And have no fear of the weirdness stopping there, because now the black and gold-suited X-Men have just arrived to add to the confusion our graduating class find themselves in! And the brilliant Hank McCoy will foolishly end a sentence in a preposition like we're doing here!

I have to say that the doldrums that seem to be infecting my comics (or at least my outlook) is being lifted. Irredeemable was a point of demarcation for me in that I had not read a book in awhile that had made think that “wow” great book. I’m looking forward to April’s comics now and my vacation at the end of the month. See even in a depression you can still have some fun.

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