Thursday, March 05, 2009

Travis the Chimp’s Monkeys and Comics Review

Okay it is unfortunate that I have to send my message to you from beyond the grave, but I want you all to know that if that b*tch had not drugged my coffee, I would not have gone ape sh*t on our friend. Sure the relationship was going sour, but you know I still upheld my end of the strange relationship (with a few beers she still looked okay) and now here I have to e-mail you from monkey heaven to give you the scoop and the down low on all the primate happenings in comic books.

This post is strictly my hello to each and everyone one of you out there in the world wide web. It is my intent to make an occasional post that will highlight one of my buddies who have really dominated the world of comics and enhanced the experience you so called humans have had with comics.

From Congorilla to raising Tarzan to detective work, to be being the bad guy to lighting the way for space travel we have really been the better part of the world and we have our place in comics. The species prejudice that publishers have had made it hard for us to star in many comics so often we have been reduced to supporting roles in your human comics. Hopefully my post will educate and elucidate the masses are to how great the ape truly is.

One final note is that chimp heaven does not have the best internet service so I may not be able to make this a weekly column but keep your bananas peeled and look for the posts labeled Travis Speaks, to give you some of my thoughts on all my fellow primates that inhabit the comic book world.


  1. Maybe not the best timing, considering we learned yesterday that the woman who was attacked lost both hands, much of her face, etc, and is in a drug induced coma.

  2. Obviously this is meant as parody. We wish the victim the best possible recovery.