Monday, January 11, 2010

Captain America Reborn #6 (of 6) - Wherefore art thou?

I just read what is coming out on January 20 and it included Captain America #602. What a frelling joke.

First we got "Who will Wield the Shield" which shows Cap giving the shield to Bucky. This blunted the ending of the series, but I guess we knew Cap was going to be back.

Then we have Siege #1 and appearances by Cap in other comics which indicate Cap has the shield again and the who will wield story is almost ignored.

Now the actual series is restarting and I believe this is focusing on the fifties Captain America.

All of this has made the actual Reborn series a joke and more importantly the flow of the Captain America book has been run into the ground. Ed Brubaker was doing a great job with this title and it appears to have had so many editorial mandates shoved down his throat as to have killed what was one of Marvel's strongest series. Now Ed is a company man and Marvel has treated him well so he will never say anything negative about the whole deal, but a book that had a great rhythm now is a book that is quickly fading from being one of my favorites.

It is a shame, but I hope the book can recover and be something I look forward to again.

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