Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Image Previews for January

Lee: Maybe the month won’t be so bad this month after all. Image has a bunch of great comics but no crushing hc’s this month. Thank goodness.

Thomm: Image has some good stuff, though I’m admittedly primarily a buyer of the Kirkman work.

story Ed Brubaker
art / cover Sean Phillips
colors Dave Stewart
32 PAGES / FC / $3.50
Guns! Sex! Secret Cults! And Monsters! A reporter in 2012 stumbles on a secret that leads him down the darkest path imaginable… to a seductive woman who’s been on the run since 1935, a mobster who may be an immortal demon monster, and the stories of all the doomed men who’ve been caught in their decades-long struggle. Fatale blends noir and horror to tell a riveting epic unlike anything you’ve seen before.
Lee: I’m to the point where I see Brubaker and Phillips name on a book and it’s a must buy. Have these two done anything bad in the last 5 years? If they have I can’t think of it. I’m sold.
Thomm: I like the premise and the talent involved. Looks like a good something to check out.

story / art / cover Joshua Luna
32 Pages / FC / $2.99
A mentally troubled man is suddenly empowered with the ability to leave his physical body in “ghost” form and manipulate people in strange and disturbing ways. With this incredible power, will he control his demons...or discover even more?
Lee: Hey look, it’s one of the Luna Brothers without the other Luna Brother. I really liked their last series Sword so I shall be checking this out.
Thomm: Not too many books look at what happens if the unbalanced get super powers. Ok, Secret Six was all about that, but this seems like a more sympathetic telling, rather than over the top violent comedy.

MONDO #1 (of 3)
story, art / cover Ted Mckeever
48 Pages / BW / Golden-Age Format / $4.99
Catfish's daily grind of "enhancing" poultry comes to a halt when he is accidentally tripped up by a loose chicken, causing him to fall victim to his own process. What proportions of his that were once human are now beyond anything normal. Add villainous corporate and military big wigs, a roller-skating weapon-toting chick named Kitten Kaboodle, a gang of tattooed babies, and there's still that enormous beach monster…
And what you have is Mondo, in all its raging glory!
Lee: Let’s see.. artist is Ted McKeever. Excellent. 48 pages, higher page count than normal so very good. And finally the book has an oversized format. This is perfect. I can’t wait to get it.
Thomm: You skipped the best part…tattooed babies! Do they have pacifier tats? Breast tats? Elmo? I want to know.

story El Torres art Enrique Lopez Lorenzana
32 Pages / FC / $3.99
The unlikely couple of Nancy and Lucifer are back! After escaping from Hell, the chainsaw-wielding hottie finds that the Gates of Hades remained open, and all kind of demons are pouring out on Earth. Our world is the newest infernal region, and nobody will help the humans... not even the angels from Heaven!
Lee: The first Nancy series was actually pretty good. I suffered more from an artist change in the middle of the series than bad writing. In fact, I’ve read the last three series from Torres and loved them all so this is an easy buy for me.
Thomm: Not at all familiar with this and it’s not calling me. And the title just makes me think of Nancy Grace, which is really hell. Good thing the cover doesn’t look like her.

story/art Various
160 Pages / FC / Oversized / $19.99
Some of comic’s most celebrated creators (including Mike Allred, Jill Thompson, Terry Moore, Shannon Wheeler, Whilce Portacio, Peter David, Ben Templesmith, Nick Spencer and over 40 more) turn familiar fairy tales on their ear! This critically acclaimed, super-star anthology will thrill old and young alike. Now, for the first time in an oversized trade paperback edition!
Lee: The list of names associated to this are too good for me to pass up. Humor, oversized book, and top notch creators. This is a buy.
Thomm: Excellent talent and a fun idea. Good price, too.

story Todd McFarlane
art Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo / Tony Daniel
984 Pages / BW / $59.99
Todd McFarlane unleashed his signature creation, Spawn, in 1992. In doing so, he created the most successful independent comic book in history. Add in collaborations with industry giants Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Tony Daniel and Grant Morrison and Spawn’s future as a legend was sealed.
Collected for the first time in black and white format, McFARLANE’s hyper-detailed artwork comes to life like never before. Relive all the excitement of everyone’s favorite anti-hero with this new collection.  Collects Spawn #1-49
Lee: Can you imagine sitting down and reading the original Spawn for the 3 or 4 days it would take to get through this book? I think my brain would be mush by the end of it. Then again… maybe I could buy a copy and donate it to the local prison system and turn their brains to mush. Todd makes a dollar, criminal brains are turned to mush rendering them harmless, and I get to feel good about myself. Not a bad plan at all.
Thomm: Doesn’t seem like Todd’s in need of a dollar, and this would be 60 of them. I got something similar with The Walking Dead, but that was originally in black and white so it didn’t seem like I was losing something. I’ll pass on this one.

Lee: I’m buying fractured fairy tales because it sounds too awesome to miss.. but if I have a dollar I am so sending a copy of Spawn to Leavenworth.
Thomm: You could save postage and just drive it to Hagerstown. That’s a lot closer. Fatale and Mondo are the best bets in my book.

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