Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marvel Preview Review For January Part 1 of 2

Lee:  I hate to do this but I have to give Greg some credit.  He's right.  There isn't any point complaining about some of Marvel's more insane policies.  It isn't the fault of the writers and artists they are saddled with insipid business decisions.  So, the only thing left is to make fun of unintentionally funny covers.  But, beyond that there really are some good books out there which I am excited about.  But first... stupidity!


Mark Waid (W) • Emma Rios (A)
Cover By Humberto Ramos
Variant Cover By Lee Bermejo
• Spider-Man and Daredevil team up – Part One!
• When Black Cat is arrested, Matt Murdock is the only lawyer who will touch her (her case… we mean).
• The next great love triangle of the Marvel Universe begins!
32 PGS./ $3.99
Lee: Look at Daredevil’s face, either one of two things just happened: (a) some super bad guy showed up and is threatening to destroy the Slums of not the universe and DD is really pissed off or (b) while confronting ordinary muggers, Spidey went for juvenile humor and farted. Since Waid is writing happy DD, I’m thinking that DD is saying “Dude, really? Did you just fart????
Greg:  Who cares!? Daredevil has been AMAZING. Its probably the best comic being published this year, period, full stop. I'm totally down for this.

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Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente (W)
Dale Eaglesham (C)
Cover By Carlo Pagulayan
Variant Cover By Leinil Francis Yu
• The Final Issue!
• The big showdown between Alpha Flight and the Master of the World!
32 PGS./ $2.99
Lee: I like it! The series is ending anyway so why not blow someone’s head off… on the cover! That’s a whole new meaning to going out with a bang!!
Greg:  It is an Alpha Flight tradition...

David Liss (W)
Shawn Martinbrough (A)
Cover By Francesco Francavilla
• Kingpin vs. T’Challa for the fate of Hell’s Kitchen and Wakanda!
• Guest-starring: Lady Bullseye! Typhoid Mary! Falcon! Luke Cage!
32 PGS./ $2.99
Lee: I would think to earn the title “most dangerous man alive” you have got to be a bad ass. You must know how to kick everyone’s butt in a dozen different ways. To steal a tag line “you have to know how to beat them before they even move” type of thing. But, clawing at the Kingpin’s head like a chick is not manly! That’s like girly man fighting. What’s the most dangerous man alive gonna do next, give the bad guy a wedgie?
Greg:  Man, are you kidding me? Black Panther has had more bad ass moments in the last year than Grant Morrison gave Batman in three. Remember when he had Batman time travel to the sound of bells? Ooooh awesome.

Brian Wood (W) • Mark Brooks & Roland Boschi (A)
Cover By Mark Brooks
• Debut Issue By Best-Selling Author Brian Wood (DMZ, Demo, DV8, Northlanders)
• It’s Wolverine versus Kid Omega for dominance of the Jean Grey School.
• Wolverine will discover that the hardest prison to escape can be his own mind.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99
Lee: Good lordie lord can Wolverine pack more sh*t into his backpack? Seriously, that’s more than my wife packs for a 2 day weekend and that consists of several suitcases. Sheesh. But on the plus side I’m really excited to see what Brian Wood can do with Wolverine.
Greg: The fact that Brian Wood is working for Marvel proves every negative thing I've said about DC editorial over the past couple years. Interested in what he'll do, but does it have to be on Wolverine. Anyway, hope this leads to some ICON stuff.

Jason Aaron (W) • Adam Kubert (A/C)
Variant Cover By Jim Cheung
Wraparound Variant Cover By Geof Darrow
Blank Variant Cover Also Available
• Extra-Sized 300th Issue Event!
• An all-new, soon-to-be-classic Wolverine story starts here!
• Wolverine travels to Tokyo to confront his most dangerous enemy yet.
• And a new Silver Samurai rises to take his place…along with Wolverine’s daughter!
56 PGS./ $4.99
Lee: Gotta hand it to Jason Aaron when he goes all out, he goes all out. Wolverine has holes in the holes that are in him on the cover! The only thing that would have been cooler is a hole right where his left eye is so he could grow that back.
Greg: What if his stuff starts to grow back in the wrong places? What if he gets an eye on his bicep or whatever?

X-CLUB #2 (OF 5)
Simon Spurrier (W)
Paul Davidson (A)
Cover By Rodin Esquejo
• The X-Club races the clock to stop a mutagenic eco-disaster!
• Danger turns on her fellow X-Men! But why?
• Also featuring: A telepathic starfish, a holographic lesson in seduction, and flashbacks to events in Avengers history that are key pieces to solving the mystery of who’s behind it all… 32 PGS./ $2.99
Lee: OH OH OH I know why I love this cover! Because she isn’t wearing any underwear! We’re talking camel toe baby!!
Greg: Lee loves camel toe. You heard it here first. Watch out Mrs. Lee. Things are about to get uncomfortable.

The conclusion, and maybe some intelligent conversation tomorrow.  But I doubt it.

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