Friday, November 11, 2011

Superheroes in Suits

So, the other week Boy needed something to read. He has just finished the latest Percy Jackson book so he was pestering me for a comic book. I needed something cool that a young boy would love. I also needed something long because he tends to read fast. I decided it was time to break out the big guns. The classic guns. One of the best series ever guns. That's right, I gave him the Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D by none other than Jim Steranko masterworks. It doesn't get any more classic that that.

He wasn’t too sure at first but once he started he tore through both Masterworks in a week. Actually it was a weekend but he kept them for a week so he could memorize everything. Needless to say that he loved it.

Which brings us to yesterday. The family was upstairs and the kids were getting ready for bed when Boy came up to me and started with... "Dad I was looking at your pile of books..."

OOOHHHH boy, Boy had been digging through the stack of books next to my bed again. I knew this was potentially disastrous because, besides the nice normal superhero stuff, things like Crumb's Mr. Natural was mixed in amongst the rest. So I'm bracing myself as he continues .."And I think I saw Nick Fury on the cover of a comic book."

That was a huge sigh of relief because he was talking about Avengers:1959 and he was right. "Yep, that was Nick Fury. Why?"

"Why was he wearing a suit? You can't fight Hydra in a suit. The Satan's Claw would kill him in a second. And I think there were zombies on the cover too. You can’t kill zombies or fight Hydra in a suit. That's just dumb. "

And he wandered off mumbling how dumb suits on superheroes were.

Its hard to argue with logic like that.  I am raising such a good little nerd!

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  1. I just hope my little girl rise to be at least half as nerdy of your kid, congrats!