Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daytripper #4 – A Review

Daytripper #4 (of 10)

Publisher Vertigo Comics

Story and Art Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba

Colors Dave Stewart

Format 22 Pages Story and Art

Price $2.99

I love this series. Each issue is deceptively simple yet it stirs so many feelings and emotions that it is quite amazing. This issue this story is about Bras as his wife is giving birth to their first child. At the same time as his son is being born his father dies. We see Bras at an interesting point in his life where everything seems to be the best it could be. He has a wife he loves, a new son, has just successfully published his first novel following in his father’s footsteps and then after his father dies he dies of a heart attack tragically at 41.

One of the reasons this book works so well for me is that I reflect upon my own life at various points and instead of the story being about Bras it causes personal reflection and the story enriches my own life. I think about the birth of my two daughters many years ago, I think about the great relationship I have with my wife (not my first wife, but my last), I think how lucky I am that my Dad is 90 and still alive and doing well.

Bras’ dying at the end of every chapter is now what I expect to happen and whether it is a story gimmick or not what it does for me is to emphasize how fragile life is and that it can end at any moment. I once read that we love something more because of it impermanence. The example used was a real rose versus a silk rose. The real rose has a short time span and we appreciate that more than a silk rose that could last forever. In applying that thought process to life you come to realize that the best thing you can do for people, especially as they get older, is to spend time with them. I have a tendency to try and find ways to spend the time with my parents when I can and found that playing chess with my father is a good way to spend time together. It allows us to be with each other but not have to always be discussing certain issues that my father can harp on ad nauseam (yes I know I have that trait also).

It is trite to say a book is important, but this comic is more than a simple comic it is a wonderful story that is about life, love, living, happiness, sadness and all that life can bring. If you read comics then you should be reading this, if you read you should be reading this; it is that good.

It is not so much as a search for the meaning of life it is just an expression of what are lives are and we each need to bring to the table what that meaning is.

Overall Grade A + - A lesson in understanding that our lives need to be lived with the understanding that it can end at anytime. Absolutely wonderful and a story that will stand the test of time.

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