Friday, March 05, 2010

A Fistful of Reviews

Tomorrow is my birthday. Just so you all know :)

Atomic Robo 4.4 (Red 5 Comics)

This is always a fun book to read although I feel like I don't see as much from Red 5 Comics these days. Of course this is probably due to there being no recent Neozoic stories. I miss Neozoic. At least Atomic Robo keeps me smiling.

Air #18 (Vertigo)

I really get a kick out of this book. For one I am extremely happy that Blythe and Zayn seemed to have made up as I enjoy them as a couple. I also like how this story keeps changing and moving forward (which is honestly one of the advantages Vertigo comics seem to have). This issue was fairly light hearted and was mostly setting up for the next story arch. I am looking forward to seeing Blythe's friends develop as characters on their upcoming journey.

Supergirl #50 (DC)

I felt like this was a let down at the end of the issue. There was all sorts of good build up and then it ends with Kara throwing (essentially) a teenage tantrum. Because obviously there is no way she can comprehend Lana not telling her about her illness sooner. Lame. I liked Dr Light guest starring though as I feel we don't see enough of Kimiko in the DCU.

Invincible #70 (Image)

Ew. Slimy brainy looking aliens. This issue was certaintly a turning point for poor Mark who actually kills an innocent person to stop an alien invasion. While logical it definately shows how much Mark has changed over the years. I'm interested to see what Cecil will have to say about it next issue.

Green Lantern Corps #45/GL#51 (DC)

I really has gotten to enjoy the Blackest Night stuff even though it seemed like DC zombies to me at the beginning. I really feel like Guy is being made into a better character and I hope to see him continue to grow. I love Kyle as always. I also wonder where the whole Hal/Carol thing is going. I mean, doesn't Hal have a girlfriend or did I miss something? Not that I much cared for "Cowgirl" but I feel like she's just been forgotten. In fact I wonder if Johns is heading towards Carol having to sacrifice herself to save Hal or something. I guess we'll just have to wait and see where things go.

Locke&Key: Crown of Shadows #3 (IDW)

Locke&Key is such a great series. Of course I'm wondering how bad these poor kids' lives are going to get at this point. The attacking shadows seem pretty dire. This is a fast paced good versus evil type story in many ways but still manages to be heartwarming. I pass this story around to my friends and will continue to look forward to each issue.

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