Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marvel Preview Review for May Part 1 of 2

Lee: I know, I know you’re supposed to pick but the covers were so hideous this month that I’m picking early. Let’s be clear, I think it’s all crap so any quality picks fall to Jim. Let’s start!
Jim: I’m letting this one ride. Lee is on a roll so we will go with it. I will note that this month Marvel starts the next phase of their universe with the “Heroic Age” and we have the Agents of Atlas back with their new series, otherwise we will let Lee loose,

Art & Cover by KAARE ANDREWS
Foilogram Variant Cover by KAARE ANDREWS
Lee: Marvel always has the best covers. It’s either over the top gratuitously violent (who can forget the classic burning babies cover!) or lots of exposed flesh. And this cover is a perfect example of fleshy delights. Storm free hanging and showing some under-boob. It's not often you get underboob action. And based upon the size Andrews drew da'puppies, the only way they are staying aloft is because Storm is using her powers to create mini-tornadoes which provide much needed support.
Jim: Yeah and you haven't even mention White Queen's odd pose that I guess is suppose to be sexy.
Lee: And the best part, Storm has a size -2 waist! There’s nothing sexier than hip bones sticky out with only a wafer thin covering of skin. Oh yeah, that’s hot!
Jim: Her measurements must be 34-20-40, not exactly the girl of my dreams.
Lee: OH OH OH I almost forgot to mention the foilgram cover! Because what the comic book market place needs is more foil gram covers. Takes me back to the wonderful days of the late 90’s… and we all know how that ended.
Jim: The cover thing has gotten out of hand again and I can only hope we see a return to sanity but as long as retailers are able to sell them to some poor fan for extra bucks the covers will keep on coming.

Written by MARK MILLAR
Pencils & Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU
The Avengers have their first mission: track and neutralize the Ghost Rider for good. But they need one more recruit to help them do the job…and he’s not so cooperative. How do you put down a HULK? Chuck a few tons of metal at him! War Machine and the newest HULK go head-to-head and it gets explosive. Hotshot creators MARK MILLAR and LEINIL YU bring you the next blazing chapter of ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99
Lee: Ever wonder what Mr. T does when he’s not hangin’ with the A-Team? Wonder no more because he’s got a side project over here in Ultimate Avengers land. Don’t believe me? There’s a huge gold T that proves me right!
Jim: I pity the fool that mistakes Luke Cage for Mr. T. So is Luke Cage a new Hulk or is Mister T moonlighting from IDW?

Written by JEPH LOEB
Pencils & Cover by FRANK CHO
Lee: This is painful because I think Cho is a good cover artist. I really do! But, let’s look at this logically for a moment. First, that sword is huge! Didn’t we make fun of that character in X-men (when they went to space) that had an enormous sword? In case you forgot, we didn't. Second, let’s talk anatomy! Valykrie is endowed like Power Girl. I’m fine with that. But Captain America’s arms aren’t the same size. The left arm is this scrawny little thing, but his right arm is HUGE. It’s almost like he’s been watching the “straight to DVD” release of Tony Stark and the Black Widow. And, yes that tape was released in the Ultimate U-. Jim: This is the Ultimate Cap and he is not as clean cut as the regular Cap, so maybe his right arm gets extra work from looking at Frank Cho pictures or bending his elbow drinking some beer. Does anyone edit the cover artwork?

Written by TOM DEFALCO
Pencils & Cover by RON FRENZ
SPIDER-GIRL’S BACK–AND SHE’S BROUGHT THE PUNISHER WITH HER! As a gang war threatens to tear her world apart and her clone, the Venom-like hybrid April Parker adopts a deadly new identity, MayDay Parker’s share of the old Parker luck gets cranked up to eleven when Frank Castle comes out of retirement! Meanwhile the daughter of Captain America is back on the streets of the MC2 Universe – in a world racked with crime and despair, can even AMERICAN DREAM keep hope alive? Here's your chance to get in on the ground floor and see why Spider-Girl has the most dedicated fans of all!
40 PGS./Rated A …$3.99
Lee: This is almost a better team up than Punisher and Archie. Almost but not quite.
Jim: Matthew has to be thrilled to death that Spider-Girl is back. Somehow I can never get into this series because the writing and art feel like it is from 20 years ago.

Peter Parker may be short on luck but his life sure isn't short on beautiful, intelligent women and here, Marvel is proud to present three all-new tales of Spider-Man’s greatest loves. First, Spider-Man finally strikes it rich thanks to the help of the beautiful Black Cat and superstar creators Chris Yost and Michael Ryan. But it’s one payday he may live to regret. Then, Webhead stalwart Fred Van Lente teams with rising star Javier Rodriguez to take you back to a chance meeting between Carlie Cooper and Gwen Stacy--and how it changed their lives forever. Finally, legendary Amazing Spider-Man writer Roger Stern checks in on Mary Jane Watson. How is Peter's ex coping in a Spider-Man world?
48 PGS./One-Shot/Rated A …$3.99
Lee: Is it me or does cover make it look like Mr. Parker only dates emotionally stunted women (read: stripper). And before I get more hate mail… there’s nothing wrong with emotionally stunted women. They’re mostly people too.
Jim: The one on the far left is a wannabe stripper. I like how they stole the title from Dobie Gillis, I know the reference is old as the hills, but the title is a direct steal. Since I don't follow Spider-Man anymore I only know his ex-wife (or non wife due to reality altering crap) and Black Cat, who are the other chicks?

Pencils & Cover by BRENDAN MCCARTHY

Visionary creator Brendan McCarthy continues his surreal story as Dr. Strange journeys through bizarre dimensional realms in order to rescue Spider-Man's soul from a tribe of depraved spider-demons. Reading like a psychedelic mash-up of Steve Ditko, The Beatles and Tim Burton, this trippy adventure is another modern classic from The House of Ideas!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99
Lee: Well there is one good thing this month! Brendan McCarthy art. LOVE Brendan McCarthy. He’s excellent.
Jim: Is it just me or has Doctor Strange gotten more face time lately now that he has been demoted from being the Sorcerer Supreme?

Written by ADAM WARREN
Galactus is the terror of the universe, devouring planets and destroying civilizations as he goes—and a father to a growing daughter! Meet GALI, daughter of the infamous planet-eater GALACTUS and the WINNER of last year’s MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR poll! Unlike her father, Gali has formed an affection for the planet Earth, and does her best to subsist only on invasive alien life-forms…but when her cosmic hunger begins growing out of control, can she hold herself back from a deadly binge? Featuring WOLVERINE, THOR, and the FANTASTIC FOUR, this collects the original Galacta short plus three Marvel Digital Comic Exclusive Galacta stories from writer Adam Warren (Empowered, Gen 13) and with stunning digital paints by artist Hector Sevilla Lujan! 48 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ …$3.99
Lee: In terms of material, this will probably be a fun one-shot. Why it wasn’t part of the Marvel Girls line I don’t know. But that probably would have helped sales. My only quibble, Wolverine and his never ending claws. It’s gotten to the point that artists are taking more and more liberties with Wolvie’s claws. His claws are the equivalent of Spidey’s webs. I waiting for the Joe Q. cover with the claws circled Wolvie like DD’s rope.
Jim: Wolverines claws are like Batman's ears on his costume and come in many lengths. Kelly Jones would have a blast with Wolvie's claws. As for the character, she sounds incredible lame and I hope she is not a part of the "real" MU.

Pencils & Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
Variant by JOHN ROMITA JR.
Heroic Age Variant by GREG LAND
There came a day! A day unlike any other...where two of Marvel's top creators teamed up for the very first time to create a bombastic new monthly Marvel comic that not only ushers in the Heroic Age of Marvel Comics but unleashes onto the world the most blockbuster Avengers team ever! Who will answer the call? And will they assemble just in time...because Kang the Conqueror is here from the future. And wait till you find out why…! Bonus back up feature: the oral history of the Avengers, part one. A brand new illustrated look at the Avengers in a way you have never seen before by series writer Brian Michael Bendis.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
Lee: And there… waaaayyyy in the back is Spiderman. Wow. I sure hope Thor doesn’t fart because Spidey’s not is a good place.
Jim: LOL, no he is not. I know a lot of people love JRJR, but his work has always felt cold to me and often rushed.

Written by JOE CASEY
Pencils & Cover by PHIL NOTO
Lee: Let’s harp on anatomy again! Iron Man has two different size hands… Thor has different size feet. Shame on you Mr. Larroca! You’re a much, much better artist than this cover implies.
Jim: Are you looking at a different cover then the one I used for the post? I'm not seeing that much of a problem with this cover.
Lee: You don't see a problem because all the other covers have been really, really bad. This is only sorta bad. It appears rushed with whacked out proportions. That's my point.

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  1. Yes, I am thrilled! I think 25 years ago is a better estimate -- we don't want to go back to 1990, but 1985 is much better -- 1980 even better than that... I'm glad we're going to have Spider-Girl covers again -- that was the main drawback for having her in Web. At least I have one monthly Marvel book that I still want to get. Although, I'm interested in the Pat Olliffe Spidey title (Peter Parker?).

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