Monday, March 22, 2010

What I’m Getting Wednesday March 24

This is an odd week for me and my list is all over the place. Marvel actually has more than DC for me, which is a rarity and the other category, has an Archie trade in it. This week feels like a calmer week, definitely some good books, but nothing that I’m rushing out to read.

The collected editions this week consist of The Archie Wedding Trade Archie Will You Marry Me, which I blame Matthew’s review for making me want to buy it. Also Marvel Masterworks X-Men Volume #134 for the completist in me as it contains a bunch of crap X-Men appearances from when their book got cancelled until it was re-launched a few years later. Finally the Dark Horse collection of older Marvel Kull tales, entitled Chronicles of Kull Volume 2.

The only other indies I’m getting this week is Shuddertown #1 from Image, FVZA #3 (of 3) from Radical and Supergod #3 (of 5) from Avatar. I have not read many reviews of FVZA, but in my view this has been a great series and I loved the mix of Vampires and Zombies and a law enforcement agency established to deal with it. It is a very well done series.

From Vertigo we have Scalped #36. Now this is a two part arc by one of the fill-in artist who I not enamored with. Furno does a good job, just not up to the quality of R.M. Guera. Of course after last issue was possibly one of the best single issues of a comic book in a very long time it will be almost impossible for this issue to maintain that same level of excellence. No matter what Scalped is one of the best series being produced in comics. Vertigo also is releasing Hellblazer #265 and Northlanders #26. Rounding out the other non-DCU book is Victorian Undead #5 (of 6).

That leaves just six books from the DCU coming out for me. The five week month has really spread the books thin and I have been enjoying a brief respite from weeks of over 30 books. DC has Batman Streets of Gotham #10, Green Lantern #52, Justice League The Rise of Arsenal #1 (of 4), Power Girl #10, Superman #698 and Superman Batman #70. Green Lantern is the last issue before we get Blackest Night #8 and concludes what has been a great event from DC to this point. The Rise of Arsenal series is interesting, especially since a new Green Arrow series is being launched soon and while the that GA cover shows someone who looks a lot like Ollie I question if Ollie can be a hero in the DCU after recent actions. Is this the start of Roy’s turn being Green Arrow? I hope so and I hope Ollie is relegated to a retired status or something.

Two books that may surprise regular readers to see on my list are Nemesis #1 (of 4) and Uncanny X-Men #522. Nemesis is Mark Millar’s new brain child whereby a Batman like character is actually the crazy psychopathic bad guy. Steve McNiven is doing the art and I just hope 4 issues will be out in the next 8 months. Millar has cornered a certain segment of the fan population and feeds them over the top action that often lacks any logical plot coherence. Still I want to check it out like I would any car wreck that I pass. Uncanny has the return of Kitty Pryde and since Whedon unceremoniously send her off into outer space I wanted to see this character back.

It is a big Siege week for Marvel and it has impacted three of the titles I normally get with Mighty Avengers #35, Thor #608, Thunderbolts #142 and New Avengers #63. In the grand scheme of things these tie-ins have not really added much to the overall story and at this point I’m looking forward to checking out the Heroic Age and can only be happy that the Dark Reign is over.

The rest of the list is Captain America #604, Marvel Projects #7 (of 8), Secret Warriors #14 and X-Factor #203. The Marvel Projects series has been enjoyable but the seemly slow publishing schedule and pace of the story just emphasises for me that I should wait for the trade on this stuff. The problem is the trades are no longer a bargain and if I don’t get it as a floppy I may never get the book.

As I stated this is a quiet week. As I was typing up the list I found that little was generating a true feeling of I can’t wait. Next week with Blackest Night #8 coming out I won’t have this problem.


  1. I want to read the Archie book! Also because of Matthew's review...

  2. I hope y'all like it! Now, you just need to start reading Logan's Run: Last Day. :)

  3. Jim sent me the old Logan's Run stuff at one point.