Sunday, March 14, 2010

GUERILLAS is moving to Oni!!!

Brahm Revel has sent out this press release. Brahm did an interview with us a while back ago and I was wondering what happened with this series. I think this presentation makes a lot of sense and Oni is a solid partner for this type of project. Good to know this material will see the light of day. The Press release follows:

Hello All...

I'm very happy to announce that GUERILLAS will be switching publishers and will now be printed by Oni Press! GUERILLAS will also be switching formats and will now be published as three graphic novels which are due to be released over the next 2 years. The first book will be roughly 150 pages and will collect the first three issues of the Image series. It's due to hit shelves this October to coincide with the New York Comic Con.

I know this may be slightly disappointing for readers who have been following GUERILLAS from the beginning and have been patiently waiting for the next chapter. But rest assured, I'm currently halfway through the second book, and new content will be out before you know it. I truly believe this was the best way for GUERILLAS to survive and to bring closure to the series and I hope that you'll all stick around and continue to lend your support to a series that you helped bring this far.

Thank you, and keep reading! I promise it's gonna keep getting better and better!

On a side note, I'm also trying to raise some money to buy a cintiq, so I'm selling the originals of the I SELL THE DEAD comic I did.

They're $100 a piece, which includes shipping and handling to the lower 48 states. For International, Alaska and Hawaii, the buyer pays for shipping. I'll make some deals on orders of two or more, depending on the pages. So if there are any art collectors out there, check out the shop section on my website and help me get a Cintiq!

Thanks again and stay tuned!


I don't normally post press releases, but this news was something I felt worth sharing.

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