Friday, March 26, 2010

A Fistful of Reviews

Devil # 2 (Dark Horse)

The story for this book has a zombie-ish type apocalypse feel to it. So I have to say the plot itself hasn't drawn me in all that much as nothings struck me as new or unique thus far. It is well written but the plot itself is not enough to hold my attention. The art however... wow. Absolutely hypnotic. I was mesmerized (and yet horrified by some of the imagery). Amazing. The color work was also gorgeous. It was hard to not just stare.

Echo #20 (Abstract Studios)

As always I love this comic book. I love how Terry Moore keeps the story moving and allows his characters to change and grow. The art is great too and this is just a solid book that I would recommend to just about anyone. It's nice to have a comic out there that never fails to be an enjoyable read.

Fables #93 (Vertigo)

That was certainly a tricky decision for Flycatcher. It was also an interesting argument made by Trusty John. Does someone's nature override their responsibility for their actions? I'd have to say no in regards to human beings at least. Humans (usually - people with mental instability sometimes cannot control their actions - there are always exceptions) have the ability to make choices - free will and all - and thus have the power to overcome their nature. In Fly's case he was dealing with a goblin and as goblins are, as far as I can say, fictional, it is hard to evaluate the dilemma Fly faces. On one hand if someone swears to abide by the King's Law they have willingly put themselves under the rulings of the King's law - and murder is murder. However the defendant was clearly unaware that what he did was wrong. As such Fly's decision to banish him was the best solution I could come up with as it was the first such incident and from here on out the other goblins should consider themselves warned.

American Vampire #1 (Vertigo)

Good start. This is an interesting premise in the first place - I've never read anything before that's crossed the vampire and cowboy genre (although I'm sure there's material out there). I actually enjoyed the first part of the comic more than the second part as I find myself drawn into Pearl's story more than the story of Skinner Sweet (which is a terrible if not appropriate name for the character). I can't wait to get the next issue!

Supergirl #33 (DC)

I'm a sucker for any comic guest starring the Legion. Beyond that point, this issue was a bit too fast paced - it didn't stand on it's own very well and I'm weirded out by Kara kissing Mon'el. This issue was just a way of moving everyone along to the next phase of Last Stand.

Locke&Key: Crown of Shadows #4 (IDW)

This book is awesome :) Kinsey is pretty cool using her flashlight to escape from the shadows but honestly Tyler was really the hero of this issue. He stood up to the shadow's questioning and even manages to take the fight to them when Kinsey and Bode run into trouble. I guess we'll find out next issue how his tactics actually impact the fight.

House of Mystery #23 (Vertigo)

I, like Fig, find myself missing Harry. I'm sure this story line is going somewhere but I'm beginning to lose interest as Strawberry is just creepy and I don't care much what happens to him. I felt really bad for the dead guy though. Getting eaten by a Troll is a terrible way to go.


  1. American Vampire, Locke & Key and Echo are all excellent books. Also I would agree, being eaten by a troll is not a good way to go.

  2. Like Air, I gave up on House of Mystery a few months ago. Sounds like I made the right decision.

  3. Air is awesome sir, you are missing out.