Thursday, October 26, 2006

Action Comics #844 - A Review

Action Comics #844 - Geoff Johns & Richard Donner - writers, Adam Kubert - Artist, Dave Stewart - Colorist.

Premise - An object falls to earth and seems to contain a Kryptonian young boy.

What I Liked:

1) The story. It had big moments and little moments and told a solid engaging tales of Superman's reaction to finding perhaps another lost child from Krypton. Very effective in moving from grand scale action to personal character moments.

2) The art. Adam has developed a very unique style that is hard for me to define, but feels very good for this book. Excellent facial expressions and the coloring was very well done for this book. Also the layouts were great. Two pages spreads where the panels ran across both pages and terrific one page pin-up action shots.

What I Didn't Like:

1) Very minor complaint. When they added English sub-titles as Superman and the boy spoke in Kryptonese the white lettering was a little tough to read.

Grade - A

Side Note - I enjoy the fact that I'm enjoying Superman in his series, it has been years since I really followed and enjoyed a Superman book.

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