Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The scariest part of Halloween for me is that my work really gets into it. Each department has a theme and then they go absolutely nuts with it. The cubes are decorated per the theme, every person in the department wears a costume that is matched to the theme itself. It is very strange for someone who used to work in corporate America to see Halloween at my current work. Participation is almost mandatory. This is my third year with the experience and it is still a unique one.

I also find it amusing that in the USA this has become the second biggest holiday ever. Personally I think it is my generations fault as baby boomers never want to get older, so they have just continued to carry on Halloween even as they got older and now we have as many (or more) adult costumes then children's costumes. Something that my generation has a hard time doing is learning what it means to be a parent and leaving somethings behind to be the exclusive domain of being a kid.

Now for the really scary thing - mid-term elections next week!


  1. So what'd you dress up as? To me, this is just another thing that adults have stolen from children. We have taken comic books, video games and now Halloween from the kids whose holiday it should be. The ever-aging Boomers just don't want to grow old. The developed this ridiculous parenting technique of trying to be their child's friend. Give it up. Let the kid's have their holidays and whatnot. Embrace aging. Say no to hair dye and botox. Don't believe Oprah who says 50 is the new 30.

  2. Jeff - I was always concerned over the idea that 50 is the new 30 as I enjoy the benefits of being older. Greater wisdom from experience, still passionate, but with a little more calm. The baby boomers have taken what the greatest generation gave us and have ruined it.