Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ravens are 5-2

What a fun game to watch if you are a Ravens fan. It's funny how emotionally attached you can get to a simple football game. My daughter in Tampa commented that she loves it when the Bucs win. I was surprised that she was a football fan and she corrected me by saying she likes it because everyone in town is happy when they win.

I heard a radio talk show host say that the bye week is for the fans also so they can have a week off with the anxiety of watching your team.

Also in Baltimore it is great to have a team that has a shot at the playoffs as opposed to rooting for the hapless Orioles (nine losing seasons in a row.)

Hopefully the Ravens can get into the playoffs and go all the way, but no matter what it's nice to be this far into the season and be in first place.

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  1. You can thank the Romans for your arena sports. Bread and circuses. That what they used to keep the masses placated. Still works to this very day.