Monday, October 02, 2006

What I'm Getting This Week

This is a good Monday feature for me as I'm pretty spent mentally after work on Mondays and today I need to cut my back yard. So with that unnecessary preamble.

52 (Needs to pick up on the excitement level or explore more of the 456 mysteries they have left lying around), Atom (good series, Gail Simone rocks), Battle Britton (Ennis on war stories is great), Boys (Ennis as a shock jock), Detective (Dini rebuilding the rogues), Jonah Hex (best western on the racks and a top ten series in my mind), Mystery in Space (issue #1 was great, hope #2 holds up), Nightwing (finally Marv Wolfman arrives to hopefully revive this book), Omac (one of Bruce Jones better efforts), Otherside (new series from Vertigo going to the Vietnam war, looks very interesting), Outsiders (fun series, nothing too serious), Agents of Atlas (unadulterated funky super hero fun, Jeff Parker is fast becoming a writer I look forward to reading and Kirk is a very good artist), Criminal (Brubaker on a non-cape book, should be fantastic), Dr Strange (love the character, not a fan of Vaughn, so let's see what we get), Giant-Sized Wolverine (Wolverine is almost killed - WOW a new idea! - Aja art), Hulk (part 45 of 37 of Planet Hulk - also known as keeping a wild card out of Civil War), Ant-Man (Kirkman and Hester - going in with limited expectations on this new series), Cross Bronx (the first issue was really cool, by Mike Oeming a crime noir/supernatural mix), Fear Agent (unbelievable fun in the style of old movie serials with a cliff hanger at the end of every issue - buy it!), Rocketo (Frank Espinazo - a wondrous wide ranging adventure), Fallen Angel (neat book by Peter David), Leading Man (fun series where the movie actor is also a real secret agent), War of the Worlds Second Wave (should have come in last week, another our civilization has been destroyed what do we do - decent series (Wasteland is an "A" to this book's "C")), and I may get Thrud the Barbarian - a humorous take on the Conan type character.

As always way too many books, but hey I have fun and the people I mail them out to have some fun, so it is all good.


  1. You make me want to search out more comics to read - but I don't want to get involved in reading small, single issues - just the books that collect an entire story or series of stories. Unfortunately, those cost money, and I'm such a skin-flint! I've noticed more comic book collections showing up in our local library system, though, so I should check out the branch near where we moved, and see what's available...

  2. Arielle - make cshiana loan you stuff, she has plenty to loan you.

  3. I always suggest SCOTT PILGRIM.

    Three volumes are currently available.

    It's the awesomest. (my word)