Friday, October 06, 2006

The Walking Dead - Volume #5 - A Review

The Walking Dead - Volume 5 - The Best Defense , Writer - Robert Kirkmam. Artist - Charles Adlard, Gray Tones - Cliff Rathburn.

Premise - The survivor camp living in an old prison have secured their base from zombies and are making the entire prison into a livable habitat. Just when it seems they have forgotten about the rest of the world a helicopter is sighted and crashes. A small group goes to find the downed copter and stumbles on another encampment of survivors.

What I Liked:

1) The story is moving again. This is one of the books I follow in trade and this trade covers issues #25-30. I thought the last trade was a little slow moving and this issue the pace picks up with an encountered with another group of survivors. The new group is run by a madman who calls him self the governor. Rick loses a hand and Michonne is being raped and tortured by the governor.

2) The art. Charles Adlard does such a nice job with this book. He portrays regular people and zombies with the same zeal.

3) The format. Six issues in one handy trade for only $12.99. Six regular issues would be $18, how can you go wrong for this price.

What I Didn't Like:

1) The story is still moving a little slow for my taste as we are 5 trades or 30 regular issues in and the story is not advancing enough. Also I want the group to try and learn what caused the apparent world wide disaster that turned most of the populace into the walking dead.

Grade - B+

Side Note: This is really a terrific series and a great read. I wish they would be a little head shot and quick note on each character at the beginning to help jog my memory with the trades as the gap between "issues" is as long as it is between issues of All Star Batman or Ultimates Vol 2.

Side Note 2: I switched to Beta Blogger and now I get an annoying pop up whenever I comment about secure and non-secure items.

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