Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm Back

Note that this blog is frequented by so many people that there is a hue and cry for the return, but I'm back and should do some real post again tomorrow or Wednesday.

Got to meet Mike, but not Arielle (bummer), still I directed Gwen to loan her New Frontier as a great uplifting super hero comic.

But Gwen (my oldest daughter) is moved in to some much nicer digs, had great food at Stonewood, heard Corey (a friend of Gwen and her significant other Andre) bring up what even I consider an inappropriate subject and went to Howl-O-Scream at Bush Gardens - a series of haunted houses and night time rides.

A nice visit to Tampa.


  1. Ah, Corey...

    What was the inappropriate subject matter? Inquisitive minds want to know...

    And I was also sorry that I couldn't meet you!

  2. Shawn - Thanks.

    Arielle - Reference of services that a female may give a male and referring to my daughter as I was sitting there.

  3. HAH! Corey's not exactly the king of tact, is he? =D

  4. Arielle - No tact is nothis thing, but it was funny watching him bury himself.