Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What I'm Getting Tomorrow

Okay I missed a couple of days so I'm doing multiple posts. Obviously this is a much more important topic then the end of Western Civilization, but I wanted to get that in also.

Tomorrow starts with 52, which is starting to heat up and I'm enjoying this series a lot more again and look forward to my weekly fix. Action is also tomorrow and we have the Geoff Johns and Richard Donner writing duel. It should be interesting with Adam Kubert as the artist as I think DC will allow some really radical stories to give Donner what he wants. Boys is next and this book is due to be cut from my list by issue 6 without some redeeming quality being found shortly.

Deathblow is re-launched and with Brian Azzarello as writer I'm looking forward to it (although his other super hero work sucked, this is not really a super hero). Hawkgirl is also out and this book has really been bland and doing nothing and will be cut if Hawkman or a new writer/artist doesn't come on soon. Ion is a good series now once we got over that horrible first two issues and I look forward to Kyle's story being moved on. Jack of Fables is fun stuff, but a dislikeable lead makes this book hard to root for and it is a far cry from it's sister book Fables. JSA Classified is a book that I find enjoyable because I love the Golden Age heroes and JSA and this 2 issue arc has the Hourmen in it. Justice is a pretty book, but really should be ignored until they do 12 issue trade or hard cover, Loveless is Azzarello's western book and is a great book and I don't follow all of what he is doing because it should be read as a trade, but it is a wonderful book that will probably be canned by issue 24.

Planetary is out and this is the penultimate issue of possibly the best comic series ever done - Warren Ellis and John Cassady's seven plus year odyssey is almost done. Secret Six is out and this book is a solid entertaining comic with Gail Simone at her best. Showcase featuring the Phantom Stranger is 500 plus black and white pages reprinting the early Phantom Stranger stories. This character has become so cool over the years and I can't wait to dive into some of his early beginnings. Superman/Batman Annual is next and I have no expectations about this book.

Seven Soldiers the final chapter of this magnus opus has been delayed (at least to my store) as has Supergirl and the Legion. Trials of Shazam which is the first trial for Freddy as he has to earn his powers this time. Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters which continues to be a book that I like and never thought I would, a real surprise for me. Wetworks which seems to be a fun action movie so far (we are only on issue #2). Captain America which while still good has lost its direction waiting for Civil War to end. Daredevil is out and still a good book and one that I like to read.

Heroes for Hire is out, which is another book that I expected to try and cut, but I have enjoyed (shares the same writing team as Uncle Sam, Gray and Palmiotti). Nextwave the funny satire of super heroes by Ellis is always great. Ultimate Spider-Man and the clone saga, which is really killing this book. X-Men by Mike Carey which has been interesting so far and has me intrigued with where the story is going. Zombies just because its Zombies.

Masterworks Tales of Suspense, a hard cover with great stories from the Atlas era of Marvel and I'm sure is mainly monsters and other madness by Ditko, Kirby and Ayers. EC Archives Weird Science, the great EC comics finally get a company producing Archives of there books and this is the first one. Great 50's stuff with some of the greatest artist and writers of that era. Mouse Guard which is one of my favorite series and I just love the all age feel of this book. Finally Tag #2 which is a 3 part mini-series that I believe is already in development for a possible movie. Someone tags you and you are dead, but still walking and you have to tag someone else.

Lots of entertainment and some good stuff to read and share.

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