Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is Everyone A Critic?

In the internet world we now have a lot of people podcasting (myself included often with Cosmic Comics Conversations panel) and a ton of nut jobs (me included) blogging and writing my own critiques of comics and other odds and ends. If we counted all the bloggers, podcasters and "news" reports and columnists who make comics there main theme (or even a major sub theme) is there anyone who has time to read all that we write?

Even better yet if our group is as large as I think it maybe and we each have a few loyal followers can we make an impact on the sales of an individual title?

It would be interesting to see, but it is amusing that we are always critics of what we watch or read, but with the advent of the internet we all are able to put make our voices heard louder than before.

Which in a roundabout way leads me to a question that was posed to me today. Has technology improved our lives or detracted from our lives?

As with any such question the answer is yes and no, but on balance I think we may have lost more then gained.


  1. I just think that we have evolved technologically quicker than we have sociologically. Tech helps make lives simpler in theory, but only if the people know how to use it at it's best and don't abuse the tech. I can remember as a kid having to get up and actually walk across the room to change the channel on the tv. Maybe if kids had to do this today it would help with their obesity problem as well as their lack of attention span. And then there's cell phones. Personally I think these are the Devil's work. We survived just fine without cell phones but now people would have you believe that they just couldn't survive a day without them. Cell phones are destroying our society and it's no wonder people aren't feeling the benefits of the incredibly strong economy we have now with their expensive cell packages and overage fees. Tech is good, but only if you use it wisely.

  2. While I share your dislike of cell-phones, I have to disagree with the idea that they're the ultimate evil, Jeff. =P My husband and I finally broke down and picked up a pair of cell-phones, so that when I go into labor I can reach him if he isn't home. Technically, I'm supposed to take the other one with me when I go out, but I forget...

    I agree with you, Jim, that technology has a larger downside than upside. There are many reasons for this, but I realize if I go into them all that this comment is going to get really long, so I'll spare you. =)

  3. Arielle - don't spare me and before you have your baby let me know what you think. Long is fine.

  4. I don't know, cell phone can be the epitomy of everyday tech misuse, but I've found that I use my cell phone less and less these days. I call my immeadiate family and only occasionally use it outside of that. Actually, I just use the phone in general less and less. But it is nice to know that if there's a real emergency it will be easy for my family to get in touch with me. It's a number that doesn't change when I move and I can turn it off if I don't feel like dealing with it.

    Technology has been an overall detriment to the human spirit though - people are lazier and more dependant on inanimate objects. We have also lost a lot of the concept of humanity to a world where human contact isn't as "necessary". Also, the internet has helped to destroy the English language.

    Just a few quick thoughts.

  5. Cshiana mentioned a couple of the thoughts I had, as for the rest, if I get time tomorrow I'll post them (time for me to stumble off to bed now, though).