Monday, October 09, 2006

What I'm Getting Wednesday

This is a nice weekly post for me and makes me at least think about what I'm getting.

52 - Still my first read, but this series is leaving more sub-plots lying around then Claremont ever did in X-Men, Absolute Sandman Volume 1 - a Christmas gift for one of my daughters (she already knows about it) - I refuse to abandon my 10 hard covers and buy the same material again - but I'm tempted, Batman Legends of the Dark Knight- just following this arc, Fables - great ongoing series, Firestorm - solid entertaining series, Gen13 - never followed the book before - but testing out the relaunch as Gail Simone is the writer, Green Arrow - should be continuing examination of the one year gap, GL Corps - this series continues to build steam and is a good read, JLA Classified - Chaykin's take on heroes intervening in sovereign state's affairs, Martian Manhunter - probably in the minority - but I like this mini-series and enjoy anytime J'ohn J'onzz gets the spotlight, Tales of the Unexpected - New mini-series featuring the Spectre and Dr. 13 can't wait, Annihilation - good work by Giffen and he made me like Nova, Civil War Front Line - starting to bore me at this point, Masterworks - Spider-Man - maybe my last Spider-Man Masterworks as I think the material was getting weak at this point, Thunderbolts - signing on to check out the run up to Warren Ellis taking over the book on issue #110, Ultimate Power - a cross-over with the Ultimate Universe and Squadron Supreme - have to check it out and it appears to be a self-contained mini-series, Uncanny X-Men - Brubaker's weakest writing - but not all bad, Wolverine Origins - I have to stop getting this book, Magnus Robot Fighter Archive Vol 3- the last of Russ Mannings work and the last Magnus archive, X-Isle #3 a fun mini-series from IDW or BOOM - I forget which. Absolute New Frontier was supposed to be out and it looks like they put Absolute Sandman out in its place, which is disappointing as New Frontier is one of my all time favorite stories.

It could just be me, but I swear more stuff always comes out at the end of the month versus the beginning.


  1. Absolute New Frontier has been postponed. It is now due out 11/8. Wonder what happened...

  2. It seems like they switched places on the schedule and DC is running the add in their comcis for New Frontier. Very disappointing as I was going to re-read it once I got it.

    I hear that the Absolute Sandman is drop dead gorgeous, but I must resist the evil temptation to abandon 10 hard covers and buy 4 Absolutes.

  3. Your end of month observation might be true, I have noticed a good 80 to 85% of my books can be found in the last two weeks of a month.

  4. You can not have a SECOND ABSOLUTE SANDMAN.

    It's MINE! MINE I SAY!

    You can order another next week or thereafter.

    I guarantee it's worth it you hardcover whore. lol

    I need a DESOLATION JONES too. Gave my singles up to friends.

    God that book was good...

    Better than FELL in my opinion.

  5. Rusty said it was mine! Just kidding.

    Desolation Jones better then Fell? I don't know about that, both are very strong books.

  6. FELL is good for the single stories that resonate even though their only 15 pages of comic, and 8 pages of backmatter.

    I love that comic.

    DJ is a serial. Six issue arc. The characters are an insane bunch. Jones might be the greatest character since SPIDER JERUSALEM. The third issue was a seriously crazy issue as Jones interviews a woman from the "porn" industry whose story is a little sad. Ellis based it on a girl he knew and talked to who died about the time it saw print.

    FELL best character is the city itself. Fell, the detective, has nothing on Jones.

    You have just gone through withdraw.

    Wait until DJ starts again.

    Oh yes...

  7. Yay! Absolute Sandman for me!!!!