Monday, October 16, 2006

What New Comics I'm Getting Wednesday

My weekly reminder that I must be insane to read so many comics.

52 - this series has picked up and I hope it continues to be dynamic and play off all the build-up they have done; Authority - Grant Morrison and Gene Ha on Authority - should be great; Batman and The Mad Monk - Early years of Batman courtesy of Matt Wagner, very good book; Birds of Prey - Gail Simone delivers as one the best writers in comics today, Checkmate - Greg Rucka is delivering a good story about DC's answer to Shield, Claw - Chuck Dixon and Andy Smith deliver a great barbarian adventure, Creeper - Steve Niles on a classic Ditko oddball character, still deciding on this series and maybe over before I can decide; Deadman - Bruce Jones and John Watkiss, this is a very cool vertigo take on a "Deadman"; Desolation Jones - A wonderful Warren Ellis creation that I'm very happy to see back on the stands, the ultimate burnt-out secret agent; Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall - a hard cover Fables book - should be excellent; Exterminators - under looked vertigo series about more then just an Exterminator, solid read; Flash - hoping it gets better; Hellblazer - the newest writer is doing a great job and Frusin(?) is the perfect artist on this book; New Teen Titans Archive Volume #3 - Great Wolfman and Perez Titans work from the earlier years of their re-launch of the title; Omega Men - It's a number one, so I have no clue and no real expectations at this point; Robin - a good read and a fun book for the most part; Shadowpact - Detective Chimp is one of the stars no more needs to be said; Showcase Challengers of the Unknown - fun Kirby work from the late fifties I believe; Skye Runner - a nice fantasy book that I mainly get for my oldest daughter, really strong story and art; Testament - vertigo title paralleling the bible with a near future - interesting concept and so far a decent book; Wilcats - Grant Morrison and Jim Lee, let's see what this mix brings us; Amazing Spider-Girl - an alternative MU with Peter Parker's daughter taking over the mantle, I passed on this before but I'm signing up this time; Civil War X-Men - more to finish the mini-series then for any true merit; Hellstorm - Son of Satan - new max title from Marvel - will give it a try out; Ultimate Fantastic Four - Carey is doing a decent job and I enjoy the melding of Kirby's Forever People concept with this FF; X-Factor - Peter David's best book right now; X-Men First Class - Jeff Parker is a writer whose work I've been enjoying and he is on this worn out concept book; Conan - I think Tim Truman is finally on board as the writer; Lone Ranger - issue #2 - first one was a blast and was basically starting the classic origin; Wasteland - great book, Wormword Gentleman Corpse- fun stuff from Ben Templesmith as artist and writer.

Lots of good stuff and some great reading material. No longer all in color for a dime, but still a great entertainment bargain.

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