Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pet Review Show #1

I'm Grayson. The handsome cat above and I have consented to allow some of my opinions to be shared with you all about comic books. I have even been kind enough to allow the big mutt below to participate in this discussion.
Hi, I'm Kiki. I'll be the other guest reviewer. The cat and I just love comics and hope you love them as much as we do.

Grayson - Essentially I want to touch quickly on as many comics as I can that came out last week. First up is 52. Okay, when is something going to happen. I mean enough with the character introductions, I paid my $2.50 can something happen in this book?
Kiki - Wow this book was great I love Black Adam and he saved Isis little brother, he's so cool. Don't you think he's cool!
Grayson - Moving on Fables came out and I think even I may like this book, but still with every new character introduced does the entire storyline have to screech to halt to give his full background? All in all Hansel has a good back story and is a "good" villain.
Kiki - Fables is okay, but Hansel is so mean, what he did to his own sister was pretty bad. I don't know if you call a book Fables and then can't even read it to your kids.
Grayson - The original Grimm Fairy Tales were full of gore and violence, the idea was to make sure your kids stayed home so they tried to scare them into listening. Idiot.
Kiki - What did you call me?
Garyson - I said that sounds bigoted.
Kiki - Oh!
Kiki - I liked Ultimate Powers. That book was really pretty and all the people looked pretty and perfect. In fact many of the heroes looked liked different movie stars or models. This was a nice book, what did you think Mr. Kitty?
Garyson - It's Grayson, you over grown mutt.
Kiki - What did you say?
Grayson - You have a nice butt. Ultimate Powers was a pretty book. A shame that Greg Land is a comic book artist as he is very talented at doing photo referenced work, but has the lost the ability to draw any real strong comic art. Plus absolutely nothing happened in this opening chapter and I'm tired of spending $3 for nothing.
Kiki - X-Isle #3 was really scary and eerie. I can't figure out what is going on.
Grayson - Not a big surprise. X-Isle was a good book, but the ultimate judge will be how it ends and it may be a better trade read as opposed to single issues.
Kiki - The trades take too long to flip through all the pages I like the single issues.
Grayson - Let's take a peek at some releases for Wednesday the 18. Authority with Grant Morrison and Gene Ha is due out along with Wildcats by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee. Both look to be interesting and I have high expectations for them.
Kiki - Krypto Super Dog is coming out this coming Wednesday also. I can't wait. Wow this book is so cool. I love this book. I wish I could fly.
Grayson - X-Factor #12 is due out also and this is one of Marvel's best and one of the best books period on the stands. Peter David is doing a great job.
Kiki - Shadowpact is due out. It's had Rex the Wonder dog in it for a few issues. He should get his own book.
Grayson - Wasteland #4 is coming out Wednesday and I encourage people to try this book. A great after the disaster story with a 100 year later perspective.
Kiki - Scooby Doo is also coming out - great book.
Grayson - Stop with all the dog books you midget pony. No more time now.
Kiki - Bye everybody. Watch where you step in my back yard!
Grayson - Till next time. I'm Grayson.
Kiki - I'm Kiki
Grayson and Kiki - For Pet Reviews


  1. Wow! A cat and dog who can not only read, but type too. Pretty impressive.

  2. Jeff - Grayson here. I do the typing as the big mutt's paws couldn't hit one letter if it's life depended on it.