Saturday, November 07, 2009

How Stories Get Told

Since I live the Daily Life posts, I always wonder how they read. I have a sense they’re silly but I not sure if the true silliness comes through in the post. When in doubt, I always ask Jim. This was one of the weeks that I asked.

Jim: I thought it read fine. To me if felt like you held back a lot. I got the sense that Wife was behind you dialing it back a little as it was not as sharp as you normally are in your observations. I don't think a casual reader could tell and it is as relatable as the any daily life post was, so all in all nice post.

Well, I agreed with his assessment. I knew it was just a shade off so I started thinking about it. Then I remembered talking about the whole thing with Wife. It went like this…

Wife: So what are you doing?
Lee: I’m making notes about the party for a blog post.
Wife: How’s it going?
Lee: Good so far. I have a couple of little things but nothing major.
Ye Ed’s Note 1: Ok, I already knew I was capping the story with the hottie comment but I wasn’t going there. Married guys, and those with long term girlfriends, reading this blog understand.

Continuing on, Lee: Got any ideas?
Wife: Nothing really. It seemed pretty normal to me.
Lee: Are you kidding? Come on! Did we go to the same party? At a minimum I have to talk about Wonder Woman and her outfit.
Wife: What? Why Wonder Woman? She’s nice.
Lee: I know she’s nice. Everyone at the party could tell just how nice she was wink wink nudge nudge. Especially the more she drank.
Wife: Oh no you don’t! You can’t say anything about that her.
Lee: Oh come on. Why not?
Wife: Because you’re writing a blog. Whatever you write is out there for the entire world to read. What if she sees?
Lee: Are you kidding me? It’s a blog that 90% comic books. Somehow I really doubt that she, or any of your other friends, read it.
Wife: Whatever. Someone might see so you can’t say anything mean about Wonder Woman.
Lee: That’s just setting me up to fail. Any observation about her could be seen as mean by someone. If I can’t talk about WW then help me with something else. What did you see?
Wife: How about when you were talking about cartoons?
Lee: Ok that’s good. Anything else?
Wife: Playing the Wii after doing shots?
Lee: Eh, not great but I can make something out of it. Now I need a capper to wrap it all up.
Ye Ed’s Note 2: I don’t think drinking and playing the Wii is all that unique, which is why I didn’t talk about it. Not to mention, the 40 year old birthday boy became a complete rear elliptical exhaust port when playing. If I couldn’t be nice about Wonder Woman there wasn’t a chance I was going to be nice about a fat, drunk, ball o’lard with a Wii ego.

Wife: How about the size of the slices of cake?
Lee: The size of cake slices?
Wife: They gave everyone really big pieces of cake. Almost too big.
Lee: Maybe for me and you. I definitely got the impression that was standard size for them. Of course they’re already twice the size of us.
Lee: What now? Fine, fine, fine. I’ll work with the cartoons and Wii stuff.

And while working on the post, I realized that the cake and Wii stories just weren't funny. They might have been interesting but they weren't funny. I wasn't about to tell Wife they weren't funny so I just went with my original ideas. Therefore, if the post seemed watered down it’s because my wife wouldn’t let me say anything mean about anyone.

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