Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Week in Review - Preview

Again a short blurb from Part 1 of 3 hitting on Monday at 12:01 AM US East Coast time. Part 1 focuses on the new Secret Avengers #1.

I guess I should thank Marvel for saving me $3.99 a month (or more as they publish as often as 18 issues of some books a year) by kicking me off this book. I enjoyed the last iteration of the book and was curious as to where this version of the book would go. It didn’t take too many pages in for me to decide this was a one and done.

Before we get too deep into my opinion let me make it clear that I believe Nick Spencer is a decent comic book writer. He has yet to make me a huge fan of his work but he knows how to write a comic book. Next is the artist, Luke Ross is a good artist. Like many artists he knows how to tell a story. He is never going to make my list of artists I want to buy artwork from, but nevertheless a competent professional.

Now the flip side of that coin is that why do I want to pay $4 for an issue from the team of Nick Spencer and Luke Ross, neither are considered “A” list talent at this point in their careers. Sure I get a “free” digital copy for the extra buck and they have the “AR” feature in the book, but I think the $4 price point should be reserved for the top tier stuff.  I tried out two of the AR features, one was a joke piece and the second was Nick Spencer’s voiceover a page saying how this is going to be a great series and a lot of fun. Give me the creators talking about the book or why these characters are ones they love or something. The AR is very hit or miss. I will say this that at least Marvel is trying, DC does nothing cool with modern tech in their printed books.

The rest as well as part 2 later in the day on Monday. 


  1. I made $3.25 from my digital codes, so it helped pay for the book. However, I didn't really like it either and the whole concept of mind implants, etc. just doesn't appeal to me. Seemed like they forced Hawkeye and Black Widow to work for them, which was really uncool.

  2. $3.25 for just this issue? Via EBay?

    You can read the full review and see that I agree with you on this one big time.

  3. Yep.