Monday, February 11, 2013


1)     Dan Didio  - Planning who needs planning
2)     Bob Harras – Check the Marvel books under his era
3)      Editorial mandates that change – okay you need to manage a line of comics, but have a plan that sticks
4)      52 is all we do – how dumb, locking into an artificial number. If all 52 were top flight books, you would turn down #53
5)      Channel 52 – What the hell is this crap, give us a letters page.
6)      Scott Lobdell, Tom DeFalco, Ann Nocenti and Rob Liefeld (oh he is gone now but he was there at the start) maybe there is a reason they have not been writing comics anywhere else for decades.
7)      House style – way too prevalent.
8)      Vertigo - where for art thou Vertigo
9)      Year and half long stories.
10)   After Batman, Wonder Woman and now maybe Green Arrow – you've got nothing.

They are advertising WTF month, it has been WTF are you doing for years.
Needed to get that off my chest. 


  1. Baroquen131 - Rob2/11/2013 7:32 PM

    Sounds about right. Despite a love for the characters, I'm down to almost zero DC books, because I just don't care. And even if I found something I like, they'd change writers in under a year. Ridiculous.

  2. See, I am opposite to your rant. I am enjoying DC and sadly have been away from Marvel for years now. To each there own. On the 52 thing, in a way I am liking some of these books coming to and end and a choice of following the character elsewhere or not. It saves me from making cuts because of money as much. I can add a title that is new or not. If it is working as a product line and keeping the price down and the comics selling I will gladly take that than financial problems.

  3. Barry - I just think DC can be so much more and I tired to stay with the new DCU but I feel like they are chasing me away. Glad you are enjoying them, The bulk of what I now read is for other publishers beside DC or Marvel.

    Rob - The fast changing creative teams is insane, especially when an announced writer never even gets a chance to write a book.