Sunday, February 03, 2013

Facing Shadows

Okay, I was going to save this for another day, but I don't see Lee's cover post this morning and this IS a cover post too AND close enough to Groundhog's Day to use it.  If you're Bill Murry you might still be reliving it.  So enjoy!

You may not realize it, because Hallmark hasn't created cards for it yet, but today is a very special holiday.  It's Groundhog's Day!!!  The most celebrated day in February, next to that one with hearts and flowers.  When I was single, Valentines Day was always a drag, but I did send out once a 12th Day of Groundhog letter to someone special (two plus twelve equals fourteen, you know).  It must have made a lasting impression, because she later married me.  Anyway, as is our custom around here to rest on holidays (and put together really quick posts), you get to be treated to an extra dose of Comic Covers (borrowing from Lee's shtick)!  The theme for today is of course SHADOWS!!!  Unlike Lee, I'm not going to provide a bunch of cool research like who drew them.  I may not even provide commentary, because I'm writing this on Sunday (Jan 27) and I'm hoping to take my nap soon.

First up is a series of covers, where our heroes are facing a menacing shadow.  Some physical being is casting the shadow, but it looks like the shadow is attacking them.  Must be why Phil is so scared of his!

 Notice the claw shadow theme coming from the right-hand side.

Then we have the theme of facing down the shadow or in some cases facing up.

Of course there is the theme of fighting your own shadow or a shadow creature:

And who is the most famous Shadow creature of all?  KAA!!!

Happy Groundhog's Day EVERYONE!!!

This also marks the beginning of my fourth year with Comics And, so it's extra special! 

Now go enjoy your Saturday and don't be afraid of your shadow.  You can also give gifts to friends and loved ones.  This year I'm sending my best friend from high school and college (the one who introduced this holiday to me during my freshman year back in 1989) a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LEGO set!  He got me a SPAM T-shirt that first year.

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