Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Week of February 6 in Review Preview

I thought I would give you a clip from tomorrow's post as opposed to just covers.

This week is just two parts.

The best I saved for last and that is Green Arrow #1 #17 by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. I love Sorrentino’s art so the book looked great. Jeff Lemire tossed the whole new Green Arrow concept in the trashcan and started over again. A good thing to do with this book and I have no clue if this will jibe with the new JLA, but I could care. It is interesting because I have been watching the Arrow TV show and it is okay for what it is, but the comic seems to be aligning itself a little more to the TV shpw. Since I do not know who this Green Arrow is I was surprised to find out his being stranded on an island is still part of the overall origin. Anyway Lemire strips way his wealth, his high tech supports group and has a mysterious stranger show up and kick Ollie’s ass. Just as the mysterious Komodo is about to kill Ollie the mysterious Magus shows up to save Ollie. I know I said enough with the mysteries, but mysteries are okay if you are telling a story and Lemire is telling a linear story. These new elements are unknown to Ollie also. Magus also reveals that Ollie was never supposed to leave the island. It was a great opening and now I can comfortably get into this version of Green Arrow.

Part 1 tomorrow and part 2 Tuesday.

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