Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Body Parts and Giggles

So, we have adopted two cats. Actually, two cats have adopted us. A few weeks ago, a stray wandered into our yard and was summarily adopted. The first was quickly joined by a second, and now we have two cats. It's like the animals knew there were small people who would take care of them.

The first cat was quickly, and with no consideration to gender, named Rosie. It seemed like a good name and the kids all loved it. The second cat was called Orange Cat for awhile because we weren't sure it was going to stay. When it became apparent Orange Car was staying we started thinking up names. We started with Lucy, Flower, and some other girlie names but to the trained eye it was obvious that Orange Cat wasn't a girl. I steered the name selection towards boy names and eventually, we settled on Thunder.

About a week later, I got a question I never expected. As we sat at the dinner table, Girl innocently asked, “Daddy, how did you know Orange Cat was a boy?”

I can honestly say I didn’t expect this question. And, I certainly wasn’t prepared to answer it so I went with every parent’s stock answer, “I just know because I know everything!”

It was quickly evident that answer was unacceptable. I don’t know when it happened, but Girl is now old enough so that answer doesn’t work anymore. Undeterred by my flippancy, Girl pressed on, “Yes, Dad. But, how did you know?”

I realized that I wasn’t getting away easily on this one. So, it was time for one of ‘those talks.’ I launched right in with, “Well, you know how boys are different?”

Girl obviously didn’t know what I was talking about and gave me a quizzical look. I continued on, “Well, you know Boy has a penis and testicles.”

Girl surprised me with another quizzical look. Now, because we have twins, Girl already understands all the parts of a boys and girls body. I figured the technical term had confused her so I clarified with, “Testicles. You know below a boy’s penis.”

I was rewarded with a blank stare. "Balls. You know how Boy has balls below his penis." Suddenly, it was all clear and Girl responded with the typical, Hee hee hee!”

I ignored the giggles, and plowed on, “Anyway, Orange Cat has balls like Boy. They’re orange and fuzzy.”

Girl: Hee hee hee!”

Boy finally decides to enter the conversation. “My balls are pink and red,” he says proudly. And that clarified everything! Thanks for the help, Boy.

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