Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con – My Artwork Extravaganza

It’s Lee’s fault. In my life my wife says everything is my fault and I have been surrounded by women my whole life who enjoy saying everything is my fault, most of the times in jest. So as far as independent material and art work I’m blaming Lee for getting me back into both and the Baltimore Comic-Con was my going nuts day for art. 

I picked up a lot of art work and bottom line it is all great stuff and I had blast spending a few minutes with each of the artists. I never plan to sell the stuff so I try and get signatures on every piece.

In advance, sorry if the pictures aren’t sharp but I’m still not 100% up and running and I’m making stuff work.

First up is a two page sequence by John K. Snyder with inks by Geoff Isherwood. I loved the Suicide Squad book so to get a two page sequence of the original art was a nice way to start my buying binge. Original art is just that, so for a collector no one else can have it, a one of kind item that you own.

Next up was a great Mike Grell page from the DC Retroactive 1980’s Green Lantern book. This is a very cool action sequence of Ollie Queen in his civilian attire. I never thought I would own this type of page because normally that material is a tad higher in price then what I want to pay, but it was a “what the heck” type of day.

Next up was a Sean Chen page. This page was also a little higher dollar then I wanted, but what the heck, check the page out and everyone who knows me I love me some monkeys. Heck even the band was okay.

This page was a sweet surprise. To own page by Bernie Wrightson is just awesome. I love his work and now I wish I had forked over more bucks and gotten a Doc Macabre page. This is a sweet page that will be framed one day. Also it is the old oversized pages, which adds to its charm.

I had seen this page earlier in the day, but I have a Jim Califore page and thought I did not need two pages of his work. I succumbed as it was a great deal and featured the Secret Six characters of Bane and Scandal.  

Last and far from least is this Tim Truman page. Another artist I already have a page of their work, but it floors me that his work goes for such bargain prices as Tim is a great guy and his work is so rich in detail. I know I was buying one of his pages and will probably do so at every show I see him at, just great stuff.

Well that’s it and it is all Lee’s fault. I now have a lot more art than I ever had, but my hardcover books and the artwork are the stuff I enjoy the most and will seldom be sold. Gwen and Jamie will inherit them.


  1. Jim the monkeys are a terrible band.

  2. Adjuster X - They are a guilty pleasure, but I would not argue your point.

  3. Original Art is definitely more enjoyable than anything else comic related! I've got my eye on a couple of pieces that I really hope to have one day. Congrats on your purchases and for surviving the trip home with them. :)

    Kevin Maguire had his stuff down to 50% off on Sunday.

  4. Glad and sad I did not go. Sad becasue I would have loved to get another Wrightson page and would have gotten a Maguire page at those rates for sure, glad because I would have really spent way too much then.

  5. That is an awesome Wrightson page! I think it's from the Punisher series, right?

  6. Thanks Alex - anymore Robotica on the horizon or other work?

  7. The third Robotika book is on hold (for the moment) but I recently finished a 70 (!) page Dark Crystal book for Archaia that should be on sale soon and I am finishing up a short western ghost story for an anthology called Strangeways. After that I got a...Scarecrow/Batman story :)

  8. Alex - Sounds like you have been busy. Strangeways sounds great and your work on Batman/Scarecrow is a perfect match and sounds awesome. I never got into Dark Crystal. E-Mail me when you want to do an interview on your work and we will try and spotlight your stuff. Personally hope Robotika three gets made sooner rather then later.

  9. Alex - PS Yes the Wrightson work is from the Punisher POV book from a long time back.