Sunday, December 16, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Rex The Wonder Dog

I've always found it interesting how comics reflect the times they are written in.  Whatever the latest 'trend' whether it be monsters, cowboys, or spacemen it's only a matter of time before it shows up in a comic book.  This week I want to look at a long running series that captured every single trend... often with inadvertently comic results.  That series is Rex The Wonder Dog.

Rex #9, May-June 1953
Penciller: Gil Kane
Ink: Sy Barry

It's not hard to figure out that Lassie is the inspiration for Rex.  But did lassie ever fight commie bastiches??? HECK NO!  Was Lassie ever able to hold her breath underwater (with a little help) to hide from the enemy??? HECK NO!

As silly as this cover is, it makes sense compared to the ones below the break.

Rex #11, September-October 1953
Penciller: Gil Kane
Ink: Sy Barry

Another 50's trend.  Dinosaurs!  In this case, Rex - Dinosaur Destroyer - is attacking a T-Rex.  Dog vs. Dinosaur.  I bet the dog wins.

Rex #17, September-October 1954
Penciller: Gil Kane Inks: Bernard Sachs

Another 50's trend.  Tarzan!  Bet your dog can't swing from a vine in the jungle.
Rex #24, November-December 1955
Penciller: Gil Kane Inks: Gil Kane

Another 50's trend.  Cowboys and Indians!  Ummmmm... I got nothin' here. 
Rex #35, September-October 1957
Penciller: Gil Kane Inks: Bernard Sachs

Another 50's trend.  Black Stallion!  Now Rex is riding a horse.  Is there nothing this dog can't do?

Rex #42, November-December 1958
Penciller: Gil Kane Inks: Bernard Sachs

Another 50's trend.  Painted covers!  Ok, this was a trend only related to comics but Rex got a cool painted cover.  Now, if only I could figure out how he was deep sea diving and battling an octopus. 

Aaahhhh who cares, it looks great and that's all that matters.

So the covers are silly but the book was a visual masterpiece.  Gil Kane drew the interiors for the entire series and it looks great.  The stories are just as goofy as the covers but the art is soooo good.

Now go enjoy your weekend. 



  1. Rex was one of the most inadvertently funniest series ever, especially when read today. How insane is it for a dog to do all those things, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Superman, Green Lantern, Human Torch, Wonder Woman all make much more sense.

  2. I want an Archive edition!

  3. Matthew - Sadly I do too.