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Indies Previews for February Part 2 of 2

Continued from Yesterday.

Humanoids Inc
Muse HC (deluxe) by (w) Denis Pierre Filippi (a/c) Terry Dodson
Available for the first time in the English language, in its original size, and in its entirety are the sexy, dreamy adventures of Coraline, a beautiful young lady who serves as governess to a wealthy, inventive and very mysterious homeowner. Written by frequent Humanoids collaborator D-P Filippi (John Lord, The Bombyce Network) and drawn by U.S. comics superstar Terry Dodson (Marvel's Uncanny X-Men, The Defenders), Muse is a lyrical and titillating ride through reverie and nostalgia. 104 pgs, 9x12, FC, $34.95
Lee: Another relist so there’s still time to order this. Humanoids has fantastic reproduction which means this will look great. And, let’s be honest, it’s all about the Dodson’s art.
Thomm: Ok, it’s sexy. The art’s great. Got it. Is it entertaining to read? I’m not so sure about that. Then again, that may not be necessary.

Six more books below the break.  Enjoy.

Little Brown & Company
Tintin Collector's Facsimile Edition: Red Rackham's Treasure HC by (w/a/c) Herge
Perfect for collectors these large format facsimile editions show off Hergé's artwork as it was meant to be seen! Join Tintin and Snowy as they solve thrilling mysteries around the world! Tintin and Captain Haddock set sail aboard the Sirius to find the sunken remains of the Unicorn ship and notorious pirate Red Rackham's treasure. With old documents leading the way, fancy diving equipment and a shark shaped sub, they're ready for their ocean adventure, but are they ready for the twists and turns their journey takes? 64 pgs, 16.5 x 13. FC, $60.00
Lee: For the true collector, this is not to be missed. Yes it’s really, really expensive but to have the opportunity to see Tin Tin at full newpaper size… oh la la I bet it’s great.
Thomm: This is probably the best time to list this, as Tintin is more known in the US than it’s been in a long time. Even so, it’s a limited market. At this price sales are going to be limited to collectors of Tintin, and dedicated ones at that. It does look great, though.

Omnibus Press
Gabba Gabba Hey! Ramones Graphic GN by (W/a) Jim McCarthy (C) Flameboy
The Ramones were the archetypal American punk band and this is their story, from their beginnings in Queens in 1974, through the burgeoning punk scene at CBGB's, the excitement of their first album, their brush with the unhinged genius of Phil Spector and the endless touring that saw them perform 2,263 concerts over a 22 year period. Set against a backdrop of New York facing bankruptcy and terrorised by Son of Sam, The Ramones tale takes in endless inter-band fighting and finally the tragic deaths of three of the founding members: Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee. 176 pgs, 6x9, FC, $24.95 Visit Jim McCarthy here and visit the artist here.
Lee: HEY HO LET’S GO! I love the Ramones! McCarthy has been writing comic bio’s of musicians for a while now so I trust it will be good. Flameboy’s art looks good if slightly generic. But, the chance to read about my musical heroes in pictures cannot be missed.
Thomm: The Ramones are an interesting story no matter the format. Of course, the only way to read this is with some Ramones playing in your ears.

Pantheon Books
Hand-Drying in America HC by (w/a/c) Ben Katchor
Ben Katchor, a master at twisting mundane commodities into surreal objects of social significance, now takes on the many ways our property influences and reflects cultural values. Here are window-ledge pillows designed expressly for people-watching and a forest of artificial trees for sufferers of hay fever. With cutting wit Katchor reveals a world similar to our own - lives are defined by possessions, consumerism is a kind of spirituality - but also slightly, fabulously askew. 160 pgs, 11x12, B-W, $29.95 Visit the Katchor here
Lee: And here we have this month’s take-a-chance book! I really like Katchor’s scratchy art style and reading some of his strips…. Well he can certainly twist the mundane. It’s about as indie comic as you get.
Thomm: I like the skewed look at materialism. I’m something of an agnostic about materialism. A polemic in opposition, if done well, should be highly entertaining.

Black Paths GN by by (w/a/c) David B.
When the Austro-Hungarian Empire disintegrated after World War I, control of the Adriatic port of Fiume was hotly disputed. Enter Pirate King Gabriele d'Annunzio, an Italian poet who stormed the city with 3,000 Italian nationalists. D'Annunzio declared Fiume a free republic and himself commander. He envisioned a utopian city-state, but Fiume quickly became a surreal center of violence, looting, and decadence, with shades of the Fascist movement to come. This true event serves as a backdrop to the tragic love story of a beautiful torch singer and a young soldier haunted by the horrors of trench warfare. 128 pgs, 7x10, FC, $24.95
Lee: I have been a huge fan of David B. for a long time. He’s a fantastic writer/artist and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Add that to the fact that it’s historical fiction and this is an easy buy for me.
Thomm: Wow. This looks great. Maybe I was wrong about the best buy of the month. No wonder this utopian dream failed, though. Italian nationalists? Shouldn’t they have wanted the city to be part of Italy?

Hairshirt GN by (w/a/c) Pat McEown
John and Naomi were childhood sweethearts - and then they grew up. Life took them on very different paths, but accidents will happen. When their two lives intersect again, they decide to have another go at love. But this is no simple romantic rekindling: Both John and Naomi are wearing the hairshirts of miserable memories and dark nightmares, which may be too painful to shed, even if they hold each other tight again. 128 pgs, 7x10, FC, $24.95
Lee: This is a borderline book for me. Any other month and I would be all over it but this month seems heavy on other books. I really like McEown’s art. It reminds me a lot of Richard Sala. As for the story, it sounds good, I just don’t know if I want to read another love story this month. You can read an excellent review of the book, with lots of previews here
Thomm: Another love story? The only other love story I’m seeing on here is Archie. I’m going to guess this is a bit different from that. Still, I’m not sold on it. I’ve seen this plot line too many times already.

Valiant Entertainment LLC
Bloodshot Vol. 01: Setting the World on Fire SC by (w) Duane Swierczynski (a) Manuel Garcia (C) Arturo Lozzi
Every mission is a suicide mission. Your name is Angelo Mortalli. Your brother is trapped behind enemy lines and on the verge of - no. That's not right. Your name is Raymond Garrison. You've retired from the dangers of the field, but a desperate plea from your oldest friend plunges you into a vicious firefight that - no. That's not right, either. You are Bloodshot. You are the shade of gray that freedom requires. The perfect confluence of military necessity and cutting-edge technology. A walking WikiLeaks. A reservoir of dirty secrets that could set the world on fire. And you've just been captured. Collecting Bloodshot #1-4 (2012) by best-selling writer Duane Swierczynski and acclaimed artists Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi. 128 pgs, 7x10, FC, $9.99
Lee: In case you missed it in single issues, Swierczynski is writing a heck of a story in Bloodshot. He has completely revitalized an old, exhausted character into something new and exciting. 4 issues for $10 is a good deal so get it now!
Thomm: An interesting outlook that freedom requires secrets, clandestine operations, and murder. Our blurb writer seems to miss the point that WikiLeaks is about disclosing secret information while this character is holding onto his secrets. Still, looks like an interesting read, and as Lee said, a hell of a good price.

Thomm: Is it January yet? I think in February I’ll be looking for some WWI era books. Those are the good sells for me.
Lee:  I am still not sure.  Hair Shirts really has me confused.  It looks really good but reviews are really mixed.  I might still take a chance.

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