Sunday, December 09, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: What the?!

Last week was a little too serious for me.  So this week we'll do something more humorous.  The Marvel satire mag, What The?!.  Enjoy.

What The?! #1, August 1998
Pencils:  Jon Bogdanove

Inks:  Al Milgrom
It's an 'eh' cover but it is the first issue.  And I like Hulk acting snobbish. 

No worries, there are better covers below the break.

What The?! #5, July 1989

Pencils/Inks: Hilary Barta

If there was ever a cover that summarized the 90's... or what the 90's would become it was this.  Nothing but Punisher and Wolverine everywhere.

What The?! #9, October 1990
Pencils/Inks: John Byrne
I always enjoy seeing artists step out of their normal tropes.  In this case, Byrne does comedy. 

What The?! #19, July 1992
Pencils/Inks: Hilary Barta

An awesome parody of Dr. Strange!  And a whole lot of truth too.  That guy can never get his own cover.

What The?! #22, October 1992
Pencils/Inks: Hilary Barta

In honor of the Mars Attacks revival I had to mention this cover.

What The?! #23, November 1992

Pencils/Inks: Hilary Barta

And one more cover than normal this week... because it's the NFL SUPERPRO!  You don't get better characters than him!

So, with that in mind, I want to thank all of you who rooted against the Ravens last week.  It worked perfectly.  So, let's do it again this week.  Booooo Ravens!

Now go watch some football.

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  1. These are great. Hilary Barta did a fantastic Plastic Man mini-series too. What ever happened to him, I wonder?