Sunday, July 07, 2013

Comic Covers Sunday: Amazing Cow Heroes

I had a plan for covers this week.  I was all set to go... then I found the series, Amazing Cow Heroes.  It's so incredibly... (insert appropriate adjective here)... that I had to share.   Since I've never seen a single issue and didn't know the books existed before this week I have no clue of they are any good or not.  But as a piece of humor, they're great.  All issues published in 2010.

Best of luck finding a copy...

Amazing Cow Heroes #1
This is a good indication of what you are getting into but this isn't the best cover or character.  Not by far!  Read on because it gets even... (insert appropriate adjective here)... after the break.

Amazing Cow Heroes #2

It's Cowborg!  I bet the marketing who dreamed this up was having a ton of fun.  Fun with illegal substances but who cares because Cowborg is AWESOME!
Amazing Cow Heroes #3
If you don't believe that Todd McFarlane influenced a generation of young artists with his ridiculous spider webs and Spawn capes, check out that tail.  Actually maybe it was Joe Q and his equally ridiculous DD rope line.
Amazing Cow Heroes #4It's cows and penguins!  What's not to like?  Although, if I were a hero cow I'm not sure I would name myself after a beef meal product.

Amazing Cow Heroes #5
This is my personal favorite!  I think it's because Gristle Missile sounds like a character Stan Lee would have created.  Hopefully the character is TM'd because he/she could be showing up at Marvel any day now.
Amazing  Cow Heroes #6
A team up!  Does it get any better than this?  Yes it does because you can get the Chick-Fil-A family app and see the cows in AUGMENTED REALITY.  Whatever that is. 

That's all for today, now go outside and enjoy your Sunday.


  1. A mooooooooving post.

  2. Thank you for milking the obvious pun for all it was worth. Sheesh.

  3. Is it sacrilegious that you put this up on Sunday? It's Chik-fil-A's day of rest.