Thursday, July 04, 2013

July 4 Bonus

Some US flags throughout the years for your perusal.  See if you can identify when each was used, either by date or occasion.


  1. Are these all real or did you make them up???

  2. They're all real. Well, except the last one. They've all been used at some point in US history. The last is just a bit of paranoia from those who think Sharia'a law is going to supplant the US legal system.

  3. So, now some identification of the flags. The first two were just iterations when there were 29 and 38 states. The third is the Betsy Ross traditional. Fourth is from the Battle of Cowpens during the Revolution. Fifth is the fairly obvious variation on Don't Tread on Me. Sixth was the flag flying at Ft Sumter when fired on by SC militia. Seventh is the Great Star Flag, most likely celebrating Michigan statehood, from 1837-1845. Eighth is the Grand Union Flag, which pre-dates the stars and stripes motif (and rather resembles the British East India Company flag). Ninth is the Indian Peace Flag, adopted in 1803 and offered to tribes during negotiations. Tenth is a New England flag from the Revolution era. Eleventh is the Sons of Liberty Flag (not the guys at the Philadelphia Union games, either). Twelfth is a fictional flag created by paranoid folks who are afraid that sharia'a will supplant the US legal system. Thanks for playing.