Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hidden Gems: Shaolin Cowboy

Shaolin Cowboy.  Remember that series?  Not many do but it's worth finding.  It's completely insane and over the top and most of all, a ton of fun.  My only complaint, it was only reprinted as a crappy tpb. 

Anyway, you know how it takes years for movies to go from idea to finished product, did you know comics were the same way?

This is an excellent example of how long creators keep and work on ideas because...

This is the first appearance of Shaolin Cowboy.   Where did it come from?  Amazing Heroes #49, published June 15, 1984.

His first story was slated to appear in Vanguard Illustrated #10... too bad they only published 7 issues.

Just for reference because I love the cover, Amazing Heroes #49

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