Friday, October 16, 2009

But, I'm not cold!

As a parent, I’m starting to realize that I am never right and that I don’t know anything. At least according to your children, that is. I’m sure this will only get worse as time goes on, but it surprising to experience it right now. Boy, Girl, and Tiny are all still single digits so I should still be the smartest man in the world. The operative word is "should".

But, Boy was the latest to doubt my wisdom. You see, Fall is here and suddenly it’s quite cold. Which means you have to dress in warmer clothes. Unfortunately, Boy refuses to acknowledge that it’s cold and dresses like it’s the middle of July. I knew it was going to be a long morning after Boy and I ‘compromised’ on shorts with a long sleeve shirt. Sure enough, I was right because as soon as we got downstairs…

Boy: Can I wear my sandals today?
Within an incredulous stare, Lee: No. Wear your sneakers.
Boy: Why?
For those new to the parenting thing, nothing will drive you crazier than a snide, “you’re an idiot” why.

Lee: Because it’s cold! Remember? Upstairs we decided it was cold so that's why you wore the long sleeves?
Obviously unconvinced that I might actually know anything about weather, Boy continued on. But, I’m not cold.
Lee: You will be. Just go get socks and put your sneakers on.

Trudge, trudge, trudge off he went looking like a beaten dog. Eventually, after putting on his socks as slowly as possible, Boy returned and started to get ready to go outside.
Boy: Do I have to wear a jacket?
Lee: Uuummm, yes. If you have to wear sneakers, don’t you think you should wear a jacket? Remember, it’s cold.

As a parent, I am completely mystified by this. I must have said it was cold three or four hundred times by now. Did he think I would suddenly change my mind???? But, Boy’s a good kid so he mumbled, OK, followed by yet another, I’m not cold.

So, he managed to get the sweatshirt half on. The whole time looking like he’s visibly in pain because I’m making him wear a jacket. Eventually, after much moaning, and groaning, and sighing that I'm convinced was for my benefit, he made it outside. Of course, the sweatshirt wasn't zipped.

I went into the kitchen to check on the girls and returned to make sure he was still moping around outside. What should I see, but the jacket over his shoulders and zipped up.

I know it’s wrong. I knew I shouldn’t say anything but I had too! So, I leaned out the door, and said So, glad you have the jacket now?

A very soft, Yes

YAHHHOOO. Score one for parents everywhere!

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