Monday, October 12, 2009

What I’m Getting Wednesday October 14

Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is the final straw in turning what was once an award that at least had some argumentative value into a joke. I thought it would have been great if Obama had refused it, but he did at least say that it was undeserved. I think it came at a bad time as Obama is under fire from his party for not doing enough and to receive an award that you did nothing to deserve can be made to make Obama look like too much of a joke.

The books I’m looking forward to most this week are:

Blackest Night Batman #3 (of 3) - Blackest Night has been an excellent event so far and the add-on mini-series are also enjoyable. They are not essential to Blackest Night, but are great views of the impact Blackest Night is having on individual heroes in the DCU. The hype “Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Art by Ardian Syaf and John Dell; Cover by Andy Kubert. The stunning conclusion arrives! Batman and Robin, along with the help of Deadman, try to defend Gotham City against the onslaught of Black Lanterns. But how do you defeat an enemy whose only goal is to feed off the emotions of a city and eat the hearts of all that stand in their way?”

Green Lantern Corps #41 – More Blackest Night! I feel GL Corps and Green Lantern are essential to getting a wider scope to the Blackest Night event. DC says “Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Art and cover by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman. The intense and horrific battle between the Green Lantern Corps and the Black Lanterns on Oa takes a turn for the worse! The Corps realizes that the abominable, ultimate goal of the Black Lanterns is not only to feed off the Corps' emotions, but to consume and decimate the main power battery and destroy Oa forever!” What a great cover!

Noir TP VOL 01 – I hope that we see more then one volume of this idea. Anthologies are the hardest sell, but with these names it should be a little easier. Inside this book “The biggest names in comics crime fiction assemble for an anthology of original tales of murder and deceit, presented in glorious black-and-white! Comics luminaries Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets), Ed Brubaker (Criminal, Sleeper), David Lapham (Stray Bullets), Rick Geary (A Treasury of Victorian Murder), Chris Offutt (HBO's True Blood), and Paul Grist (Kane) show why they're masters of the genre, while newer talents like Jeff Lemire (Essex County), M. K. Perker (Cairo, Air), and Alex de Campi (Smoke) reveal their surprising dark sides. Aided and abetted by some of the most gifted slatherers of thick, black India ink in the field, such as Sean Phillips (Criminal), Eduardo Barreto (Cobb), Dean Motter (Mister X), and more, this gang is headed straight for the bad parts of town, and you're invited along for the ride! The latest in Dark Horse's Eisner Award-nominated series of anthologies by top creators! Features original work by the greatest writers and artists in crime comics of the modern era!”

Punisher Frank Castle #75 – This is a great premise to give us five stories about the day that the Punisher was born. The word “Special double-sized 75th issue! Several years ago, under a cloudless day in New York’s Central Park, Frank Castle’s family was slaughtered in a mob crossfire. On that day, the man known as Frank Castle died and in his place was born the Punisher, a relentless engine of vengeance. Five stories take an unflinching look at what really happened that day, providing a penetrating look into the mass of hard muscle that once was Frank Castle’s heart. You won’t look at the Punisher the same way again. Featuring Charlie Huston and Ken Lashley’s “Smallest Bit of This”…Peter Milligan and Tomm Coker’s “Father’s Day”…“Gregg Hurwitz and Das Pastoras’ “Gateway” & Thomas Piccirilli and Laurence Campell’s “Dolls”. Also featuring an 8-page preview of Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon’s upcoming PUNISHER MAX #1, “The Kingpin.””

Scalped #32 – One of my top five books currently being published. Just a great freeling series. The scoop “Written by Brian Wood; Art by RM Guera; Cover by Jock. The intensity ratchets up yet another notch in part three of "The Gnawing" as Dash Bad Horse feels the walls closing in all around him. The drunken mystic called Catcher claims to be sent by the gods to save Bad Horse from himself, while the jailed murderer Diesel claims to be the closest thing Bad Horse has to a friend. But can he really trust either one of them?” This must be a typo - Jason Aaron has to be the writer.

Walking Dead #66The end of “The Hunt” which is the current arc. I was glad to here that Walking Dead could get a TV series made out of it. One thing is for sure the budget for everything except make up for the Zombies should be cheap. The word “THE HUNT CONCLUDES! Nothing will ever be the same.”

X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1 (of 2) – For some reason my store get the variant copies of this series last week, but not the actual book. Agents of Atlas is having a tortured existence as this great concept and characters are constantly finding ways to continue even though the series was cancelled. Marvel says “It's a monster-sized throwdown as the Agents of Atlas go toe-to-toe with the Uncanny X-Men! Venus has been kidnapped and the Agents will scour the Earth to find her!The Uranian needs a bigger boost to enable his mind to scan the globe, and intel suggests the one machine that can help is CEREBRA- which brings the Agents of Atlas head to head with no less than THE X-MEN!” For me the draw to buy this book is Agents of Atlas and not the X-Men.

The rest of the list:

Action Comics #882 - Written by Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates; co-feature written by James Robinson and Greg Rucka; Art by Pere Pérez; co-feature art by CAFU; Cover by CAFU. "The Hunt for Reactron" part 3! Supergirl and Flamebird continue their slugfest, with poor Nightwing caught in the middle! Wait, isn't that man standing over there the same Reactron who murdered Supergirl's dad and Flamebird's surrogate father? Get him! Continued in SUPERGIRL #46... And in the new Captain Atom co-feature, the mystery of where (and when) Captain Atom is heats up when someone with a connection to Metropolis arrives on the scene. But are they friend or foe?

Adventure Comics #3 - Written by Geoff Johns; co-feature written by Geoff Johns and Michael Shoemaker; Art by Francis Manapul, co-feature art by Clayton Henry; Covers by Francis Manapul. Superboy is back and hunting for Lex Luthor! He can't find Luthor on his own, and he needs help from his best friend Tim Drake, a.k.a. Robin. But Tim's now traveling the globe under the alias of Red Robin! The boys' reunion isn't all smiles and hugs, as Conner discovers that Tim has been hiding a great many secrets from the newly returned Boy of Steel. And they're secrets that could destroy their friendship!
Plus, in the Legion of Super-Heroes co-feature, the intergalactic odd couple known as Sun Boy and Polar Boy team up to figure out what's up with the menace trying to destroy the universe.

Astounding Wolf-Man #19 - Behind enemy lines! The Face's masterplan is now revealed! Will Wolf-Man be able to stop him before it's too late - or will his cover be blown? Wolf-Man embarks on the most dangerous mission of his life... all leading up to our monumental issue 25!

Batgirl #3 - Written by Bryan Q. Miller; Art by Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott; Cover by Phil Noto. It's a new look and a new costume for the all-new Batgirl! As crime in Gotham City continues to rise, the newest member of the Bat-family vows to wear the mantle of the Bat and fight alongside Batman and Robin in their war on crime. There's just one problem: She hasn't told Batman and Robin yet!

Batman #691 - Written by Judd Winick ; Art by Mark Bagley and Rob Hunter ; Cover by Tony Daniel. BATMAN double-ships this month as Two-Face and the new Batman throw down in the Batcave. And the fight is a vicious one, but just as Two-Face begins to get the upper hand...Batman shows up? The final chapter of Dick Grayson's first adventure as Batman is a can't-miss!

Booster Gold #25- Written by Dan Jurgens; co-feature written by Matthew Sturges; Art and cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund; co-feature art by Mike Norton. "Day of Dead" concludes as Booster Gold battles Black Beetle in the past and jumps through time to team up with the new Batman and Robin in the future. But how are these events connected – and what is the Black Beetle really after? Then, in Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes must stop the Blue Beetle scarab from trying to kill him…and everyone else on the planet Earth!

BPRD 1947 #4 (of 5) - The Bureau’s search for a vengeful vampire reaches its climax! In a strange Austrian village a terrifying party took place hundreds of years ago, and the last of the partygoers remain. Meanwhile, back in America, the young Hellboy dreams of adventure . . . Joshua Dysart (B.P.R.D.: 1946, Unknown Soldier) and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola join forces with Eisner Award-winning artists Gabriel Bá (The Umbrella Academy) and Fábio Moon (Sugarshock) for a wild romp through the year 1947, when Hellboy was just a boy under the tutelage of Professor Broom, and vampires secretly controlled the fate of Europe.

Detective Comics Annual #11- Written by Fabian Nicieza; Art by Tom Mandrake; Cover by J. Calafiore. Picking up where BATMAN ANNUAL #27 left off! A lock without a key. A murder mystery whose solutions could lead to countless deaths. An answer in search of – the Question! Renee Montoya must help Batman save Robin from Amon, the Sixth Sinner, while keeping the fanatic killer from uncovering a 2,000-year-old religious secret. But is Azrael willing to risk Robin's life in order to see this secret revealed? "The Eighth Deadly Sin" sets the stage for this month's premiere issue of the AZRAEL ongoing series!

Fables #89 - Written by Bill Willingham; Art by Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha; Cover by Joao Ruas. "Witches" Part 3! Up at the Farm, things are getting dicey as the witches try one thing after another to deal with Mister Dark, only to be frustrated, halted and defeated at every turn. Meanwhile, the struggle for political power heats up as the scared Fables turn to the only one among them who's defeated Mister Dark in the past. Back in the long lost Woodland Business Office, poor little Bufkin is fighting for his life against the evil witch Baba Yaga. His strength compared to hers is nil, his allies are nearly useless, and his resources are few.

Farscape Dargo’s Trial #3 (of 4) - D’Argo has made the worst discovery of his life. Now, he is about to be blamed for it. On the run for the murder of his wife, D’Argo finds that The Peacekeepers will stop at nothing to catch him. Executive produced by Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon!

Gravel #14 - Combat Magician William Gravel is playing with powers far beyond his own in this explosive concluding chapter of the 'Major Seven' story arc! It's all gone wrong, and now the kings and queens of magic in England are stalking William Gravel. One of them is a murderer. The others have been insulted and want revenge. These are people who could tear your skin off with a glance. But William Gravel has been killing people for a living for much longer... This is the black magic epic ending that you didn't see coming!

Hellboy Wild Hunt #7 (of 8) - In a terrifying fortress decorated with dead soldiers, Hellboy reels from recent revelations about his bloodline and his connection to British history, and to the Queen of Blood herself. But there’s little time for him to consider his destiny when Astaroth arrives, leading to a battle that will tear down the castle walls around the unconscious Alice. This issue also includes a backup story by Scott Allie (Solomon Kane) and Patric Reynolds, featuring Henry Hood, the zealous witchfinder introduced in Hellboy: Darkness Calls!

House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 - It's Halloween at The House of Mystery, and that can only mean one thing: the bash of a lifetime! But when Fig discovers a strange mask in the attic, she begins having visions of everywhere the mask has been, and she quickly becomes the life and death of the party. This special 48-page annual contains a framing story by the regular HOUSE OF MYSTERY creative team of writer Matthew Sturges and artists Luca Rossi and Jose Marzan Jr. Also included is a series of short stories from a few regular Vertigo titles including HELLBLAZER by Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini and MADAME XANADU by Matt Wagner, Amy Reeder Hadley and Richard Friend as well as a special MERV PUMPKINHEAD tale (the first in over 8 years!)by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Kevin Nowlan! In addition, you'll be treated to a yarn spotlighting the upcoming new monthly series I, ZOMBIE by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred! Plus, a Q&A with the creative teams to uncover their scariest Halloween costumes, memories and other sordid tricks and treats as we salute the holiday that has made Vertigo world famous for all things dark and frightening!

Incredible Hercules #136 - The face-off Herc fans have been clamoring for since his series began is here at last! God of Strength versus God of Thunder! Adamantine mace versus uru hammer! Olympian versus Asgardian! Incredible versus Mighty! That's right -- Hercules battles THOR! The Odinson discovers the Lion of Olympus has been impersonating him and he's out to prove nothing beats the original! Then, in #137, the epic Secret Origin of Amadeus Cho concludes! He learns his connection with the original MASTER MIND EXCELLO and the identity of who really killed his parents! And once Amadeus knows this, will he look to reunite with Hercules... or destroy him?

JSA vs. Kobra #5 (of 6) - Written by Eric Trautmann; Art by Don Kramer and Michael Babinski; Cover by Gene Ha. The Justice Society finally tracks Kobra to his main base and launches an all-out assault on him and his forces. It seems impossible that Jason Burr can escape their wrath now, but the wily serpent has one last surprising trick up his sleeve!

The Marvels Project #3 (of 8)The centerpiece of Marvel’s 70th anniversary celebration turns a deadly corner, as Nazi spies infiltrate the secret US government's Super-Soldier Experiment... and while the Torch learns what it means to be both human and a hero, Prince Namor arrives in New York looking for nothing more than vengeance! Things really heat up this issue as award-winning creators Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting bring you the definitive in-continuity origin of Marvel!

Nomad Girl Without a World #2 (of 4) - Guest-starring the high-flying FALCON! When the FLAG SMASHER strikes, it's time for Rikki Barnesto make her debut as NOMAD! But does she even want to be Nomad? And while the student body elections heat up at school, MAD DOG gets closer to sniffing out his red-headed prey!

Rebels #9 - Written by Tony Bedard; Art by Claude St. Aubin and Scott Hanna; Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky. In the aftermath of STRANGE ADVENTURES, Adam Strange and Captain Comet heed Vril Dox's call to arms to stop the onslaught of Starro the Conqueror! But Starro has a plan that even a super-genius like Dox won't see coming.

Red Robin #5 - Written by Chris Yost ; Art by Ramon Bachs ; Cover by Francis Manapul. "Council of Spiders," Part 1 of 4! Ra's al Ghul goes from hunter to hunted! What is the Council of Spiders, why have they been killing assassins, and who is the Wanderer? After the death of Red Robin last issue, the League of Assassins now must – wait, WHAT? Everything shifts into insane overdrive as the daughter of Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox completes her quest to find Red Robin, only to get caught up in one of the deadliest games on the face of the planet.

Secret Six #14 - Written by Gail Simone; Art by Nicola Scott and Doug Hazlewood; Cover by Daniel LuVisi. The shattering conclusion to "The Depths" is here! The Six find themselves pitted against Artemis, Wonder Woman and the hideous secret being from deep within the new Devil's Island!

The Shield #2 - Written by Eric Trautmann; co-feature written by Brandon Jerwa; Art by Marco Rudy and Mick Gray; co-feature art by Greg Scott; Cover by Francis Manapul. The Shield's mission deepens as he struggles to free himself from the mind-washed hordes. Unfortunately, someone else is on the same mission despite no official sanction. Can The Shield control the situation – or will he be forced to scrub out, thanks to Magog? Plus, Inferno takes on Black Canary on her own turf! Will she catch him before he's even started to run?

All things being equal this is almost a perfect week. I’m getting 20 plus comics and one $13 trade on my list makes for a nice week. Now there are still hard covers coming out down the road that I want but the actual number is getting more manageable. Finally although not on my official list I’m leaning heavily towards trying out Anchor #1 from Boom Studios, Phil Hester is a good creator and I usually enjoy books he is involved in.

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