Friday, October 23, 2009

Buy My Stuff!

Howdy one and all! The official sell off continues and I've started loading things on the world's largest flea market, eBay!

This weeks offerings include a nice set of hardcovers, tpb's, and a complete run of Sandman.

First up are the Fear Agent tpb's Volumes 1-3. An excellent series by Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Jerome Opena. An excellent time traveling science fiction series!

Second is a Grimjack HC, Vol 2! John Ostrander and Tim Truman's classic series collected into a super fancy, shiny hc. The first hc was good, but uneven as Ostrander found his footing. With Vol 2, he's hit his stride and Grimjack started to really shine.

Third is the Mister X archive. This collects the entire Mr. X run, written by Dean Motter with art by Seth, Paul Rivoche, and even the Hernandez brothers! This series was part of the first wave of independents and still holds up today. An excellent story and outstanding art.

Finally, the Spirit Archives Vol 12, in which Will Eisner returns from serving in WWII. This is good book because it has classic art by Lou Fine and others, along with Eisner. This is where it all started and is an excellent addition to any collection.

There's a complete run of Sandman listed too, but I don't need to explain that to you.

You can view all this and more here. Don't forget to bid high and bid often!

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