Monday, October 05, 2009

Outlaw Territory Volume 1 - A Review

Outlaw Territory Volume 1

Publisher Image Comics

Creators – Various

Price $20

233 Pages of new stories and art in color

This is an anthology from Image comics and consists of 30 eight page stories set in the old west. I think one or two missed the mark as to what time frame and an occasional story had poor art work or an incomprehensible story. So it had flaws, but it was also a wonderful project and one heck of a bargain.

I read this book over a long period of time, with large chunks being read in two sittings and then bits and pieces read here and there over the course of a month. For me that was another plus for this book, since with eight page stories you could invest a lot of time reading or just a few minutes.

I’m not about to try and recap thirty stories, but let’s see if I can convince you to order this from your local comic book store and give this book a try.

1) Value – I harp on this all the time, but more and more when I plunk down my money on the counter I want value in return and how much per page plays a role in it. Old Man Logan was 16 cents per page of new story and art, Superman Secret Origin was 10 cents a page, normal $3 comics are 14 cents a page, this is 8.5 cents a page.

2) Great art – Well if you can’t find at least six or eight stories where you like the art you are not looking hard enough. I loved the various styles in this book, from pencil only, heavy computerized effects, realistic, impressionistic, cartoon style and more.

3) Good stories – Again it runs the gamut, from great stories, O’Henry type stories (Google it), brutal revenge, hangings, whores, card playing and everything you expect and many things you do not expect out of the old west.

I know anthologies are a hard sell, but when you realize how much you are getting for your money, even if you don’t like a quarter of the stories, it is still a bargain. Also you get to experience many talents that may be in your favorite comics one day and you can say I knew them when.

Check out the Outlaw Territory blog for lots more on this great book. When you buy it mention my name and they should sell it to you for $19.99.

Overall Grade A - Tons of great material, high quality format for a bargain price.

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