Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Fistful of Reviews

Green Lantern Movie - possible minor spoilers

First of all - overall I found this to be a fun and entertaining movie. I really enjoyed going out to the theater and watching it - but I can also understand how easy it is to rip the movie to shreds. Then again it's pretty easy to rip a lot of cape books I read and enjoy to shreds so I find that sometimes it's best to just have fun with this type of genre. That said... Ryan Reynolds did a (to me ) surprisingly good job as Hal Jordan. In fact, the movie made me like Hal more. He was still the arrogant jerk he can be in the comics - but they still made him likable and really made his back story as a kid more important. I loved Carol - she was a great cast and they did a fantastic interpretation of the character. I loved how they had her see through Hal's costume as opposed to the old Lois Lane can't tell Clark is Superman because of a pair of glasses. Tom was also cast well who Hector Hammond was the moment he came on screen. Kilowog was excellent but as neat as some of the GLs were the Guardians were icky. It looked like their heads were partially transparent or something. Also the parallax story was odd but I get why they altered it for the movie (although parallax looks much scarier in the comics just as the yellow entity). One of the coolest thing about the movie was the actual ring-slinging. Especially when Kilowog was putting Hal through boot camp - very neat looking. There were definitely some silly things, such as how much they fluffed up Hal - he manages to take out the threat that could even destroy Oa single-handed when a whole slew of experienced GLs couldn't do a thing. But since he's the main event I guess I understand. Anyway, if you enjoy comic book movies and haven't seen GL yet you are missing out.

Birds of Prey #13 (DC)

Huntress had the best one liner this issue, "Would you very much like to go with me on a very possibly suicidal and ill-defined mission that may only not save my partners - but may in fact lead to nothing but horrible death and unmarked graves for us all?" I also thought it was neat that Gail Simone made a sort of reference to the animated JLA with the Question telling Huntress it was their first date (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the cartoons - Gail Simone actually helped write a few of the episodes with Huntress and Black Canary in them and in the cartoon series Huntress has some sort of odd dating thing going on with the original Question). Either way I'm interested to see where this whole Junior thing goes and I like that Simone pulls in stuff like the Catman-Huntress history. I'm also looking forward to Huntress being field leader instead of Canary.

Echo #30 (Abstract Sudios)

A solid ending to a very well done series - although I wish we had gotten a bit more of an explanation. Did the suit just blow up with everything else in the explosion? Did the massive release of energy reset Ivy and Julie's bodies? I mean, there didn't really need to be an epilogue, I would have just appreciated a few more questions addressed. I did like that Dillon and Julie seem to be working things out for themselves as Julie certainly deserves some amount of happiness after everything she was put through. Although Ivy seemed to have made out the best what with Julie having helped her daughter earlier on. Either way I'm always a supporter of stories that have endings as I think it makes the plot work better overall.

X-Men Legacy #250 (Marvel)

Is it just me or do all the characters on this cover look awful - like they're recovering for hangovers or something? Ah well, either way - I am just not much of a Marvel fan these days. I can't say I got much out of this story. I mean I get the idea and it's interesting - that Legion has to go collect his missing personalities (or whatever you want to call them) but in some ways I've seen this before with Jamie (Multiple Man) and I had more fun with a similar story when it was done for him. Then the back up story with Rachel was just extremely hard to follow. I understand creative liberty and that the write was trying to convey a sense of not knowing and time slippage - but that makes it hard for me to follow what the heck is going on. After a point it just gives me a headache and I want to skip to the end. Which is sad because I've always really liked Rachel as a character. One way or another it's just hard for me to care about the X-Men and the darker grittier artwork doesn't help the matter.

Red Robin #24 (DC)

I continue to like following Tim in his own book even if I do have a hard time keeping tract of his supporting cast sometimes. But this issue was worth it for the ending if nothing else. I could not stop laughing. The whole know that you'll live on through the child you're about to impregnate me with - priceless - the artist did a good job drawing Tim's reaction to that as well. Man, I am still chuckling now just thinking about it. I mean, sure death threats are common in the crime fighting business - breeding propositions? Not as much - usually the villain who's ordered your death doesn't start stripping down to hop in the sack with you first. Well Tim, at least she's hot.

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