Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Retraction of Sorts

Okay, so the kids are away today, which means I got to sleep in on a Saturday. Being well rested, I felt like seeing a movie with my wife. We had two choices: Kung Fu Panda 2 or Green Lantern in 2D. Without any cajoling from me, my beloved choose GL to see on the big screen. We're on the same wavelength this weekend, because that's what I really wanted to see too (we also independently picked the same toppings for our Stromboli last night). So, how was it the second time around, especially after all my comments from this morning's post?


I wasn't tired. I got to see the extra scene. And the CGI looked MUCH better in 2D! (I could make out more details.) Ryan Reynolds is so watchable and I actually did see Hal rise to hero status by the end this time. Sure there are still plot holes and it moves real fast, but most of the script is quite good overall. I wasn't distracted by all that was "wrong" with the movie, so I could focus on all that worked.

For some movies you'll only experience the full rush the first time. It's not that it doesn't "hold up", but some scenes can't replicate your reaction on repeated viewings. That's what it was like seeing THOR a second time. Other movies may not give you that initial rush, but watching it again makes you appreciate it more. GL has scenes that I'll enjoy and laugh at every time (like seeing him drive down the road wrapping his nephew's birthday present).

So, sorry for being so wishy-washy, but I did have three strikes against me the first go-around.


  1. LOL - See I think GL was better than Thor and more so with perspective.

  2. I say thee, Nay!

    I won't go that far, but GL seems to have more staying power and it's DVD sales will be superior for sure.

  3. Thanks for confirming that 2D would have been good. I hated having those dagnabbit glasses on my glasses. I think my astigmatism was really bad in the watching of that 3D stuff. Oh, and I liked it too.

  4. BDS,

    I wear glasses too when I see movies or drive. It hadn't even occurred to me that it might be hampering my ability to appreciate the 3D fully.

  5. Though Rusty disagrees with me, I definitely liked GL more than THOR. Wish it was doing better.