Monday, May 04, 2009

Blackest Night Free Comic Book Day – Review

Blackest Night - Free Comic Book Day

Publisher DC Comics

Writer Geoff Johns

Pencils Ivan Reis

Inks Oclair Albert & Rob Hunter

Colors Alex Sinclair

Profile Pages Writer Geoff Johns, Pencils Doug Mahnke (inks Various)

DC for the first time produced some all new material to be given away on Free Comic Book Day. It is long overdue, but they did it right.

It was a 12 page story that acted not only as a prelude for July’s Blackest Night storyline, but also gave us an update on the status quo of a lot of the DCU. I thought that it read very well as a primer for someone who has not followed the DCU and at the same time gave us a taste of what is to come so that fans that have been following would enjoy it also. As an actual story it had no real action, but was exciting enough to wet your appetite for the saga to come.

The back up material was also very welcome. The multiple corps have been introduced in a rapid fire type of way and I have not been able to really get my hands around all of the many corps after so many years of just a Green Lantern Corps. The one page spread (except for the GL Corps which got two pages) was a welcome snapshot explaining what we know of each one of the corps at this time. After reading the pages each one of the corps made a little more sense and all had ties to something within the history of the GL corps, so that while some of it is an almost retro-con, it feels like it fits.

The book was rounded it out with a very nice word from Geoff Johns recognizing that both retailers and fans are often upset over events when delays and other problems crop up and Geoff gave his personal pledge to give it everything he has to make this work. We also get a four of the eight month check list of the books that will tie into Blackest Night. Every month we have six books for the first four months that are part of this event. Of that three will always be Blackest Night, Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. For month #1 we get three issues of “Tales of the Corps” and then the next three months have three issue Blackest Night mini-series for Batman, Superman and The Titans. I like this model as it allows the actual series to incorporate what may have an impact to their series from Blackest Night when it makes sense to do so as opposed to forcing it into and interrupting the normal flow of another story.

All in all DC has finally done the right thing for Free Comic Book day and not only gave us a “new” book but loaded it with top flight talent, provided a great entry point for new readers and provided regular fans with a great teaser of what is to come.

Overall Grade A – I Can’t wait for July and the start of “Blackest Night”, DC could have a winner.

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  1. My son Eric said after reading the Green Lantern FCBD issue, "I want to start reading this". Like you said it was a perfect giveaway. Too bad he'll have to wait for the hard cover. Although I am really tempted to get it...and may end up doing so.

    What I really liked was the Love and Capes AD that you can get yourself and your spouse drawn on the cover of the wedding issue (#12) as one of the guests for $40. I really hope to do this. It's an awesome concept.