Saturday, May 02, 2009

Places to See and Things to Do

It is a quid pro quo world and Gwen is having some technical difficulties creating a problem for her being able to do a post this week, so as she helped fill in while I was on vacation I will help fill in for her. I was torn between doing a few reviews (which I may do later anyway) or to do another random post. I decided on the random post.

Too often I try a little too hard to cover as many bases as I can, but I’m still sort of gearing back up after being on vacation. As I type this Friday evening I still have a fair amount of reading from last week and a ton of stuff for this week, not counting all the stuff coming out next week.

A few things have caught my attention of late and the thought I would provide links in case anyone who reads this blog missed them.

First up is a link to a post where a fellow blogger just rips Rob Liefeld’s artwork to shreds and the commentary that he adds is pretty funny. I know this is shooting fish in a barrel, but don’t cry too hard for Rob as he made a ton of money back in the day and if he wasn’t too crazy should be surviving very well laughing all the way too the bank. The link:

Chip Mosher from BOOM Studios noted that Lee and I had picked a couple of their upcoming books in our recent Indy review and provide links for some preview pages on those book. Check out “Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep” here and see “Dead Run” here. BOOM really does a lot of great material and they have plenty of free comics on their web site here. Bottom line BOOM is the type of company that if I was able to work in comics sounds like the type of place I would want to be a part of as they emphasis quality and keep experimenting with what they produce. Also I like them as I think Chip and Mark have a man-crush on me.

Speaking of Mark Waid, while I have a feeling that I could have some healthy disagreements with his worldview and mine, he comes across as one of the smarter people in the business and this interview with AICN is so forthright and honest, that it is a breath of fresh air. I get tired of reading interviews by head honchos of companies that are self serving and often other interviews are that way also as the artist/writer maybe working for a major company and is afraid to say the wrong thing. That is not to say Mark torched a bunch of people, it was just an honest sounding interview that shows you how Mark learned the business along the way. This is worth reading.

Another interview well worth reading is this one with J. Michael Straczynski. As with the interview with Mark this is surprisingly forthright and raised my level of respect for JMS and will certainly cause me to continue to try any projects he may work on. Between Rising Stars, Midnight Nation, The Twelve, Thor, Babylon 5 and The Changeling JMS has provided me with hours of hours of quality entertainment. I’m looking forward to his work at DC.

One last thing I plan to do a review of Robotica and on the blog we have done a few things before with the creator Alex and reviewed his book, but it is something which needs your support so give your retailer this coupon and check out a great series.

Here is Gwen’s interview with Alex. Also here is a review of issue #1 by Lee and I (before it was re-solicited as a double size book containing what was to be issue #1 and #2). Suffice to say that we love the book and think if you give it a chance you will too.

Of course Happy Free Comic Book Day – Which has become the officially holiday for comics people everywhere.

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