Friday, May 08, 2009

Star Trek Movie Review

I have not had this much fun watching a movie in a very, very long time.

After a disappointing past few movie months (Watchmen being the only exception I can recall) Star Trek is a breath of fresh air. Now it's no secret that I'm a Star Trek fan. I grew up watching TNG as well as some of the classic Star Trek movies. It's fair to say that my opinion of this movie may be more than slightly biased. With that in mind, this movie was still fantastic!


The plot for this movie was brilliant. The movie starts out with a Romulan mining ship entering space through an unexplained anomaly. The Romulans attack the Federation ship investigating the anomaly. The ship is the Kelvin and not only is Kirk's father left in command but Kirk himself is being born in one of the shuttles evacuationg the ship. Kirk's father goes out in a blaze of glory. The important thing here is that the Romulans have come from the future. As the stage is slowly set to establish the Enterprise crew we all know and love we eventually find out (from Leonard Nimoy as future Spock) that Spock witnessed the destuction of Romulus. He was attempting to save them from a supernova but he was too late. Still he managed to use red matter to halt further destruction but the ensuing blackhole pulled both Spock and the Romulans looking for revenge after him. All of this changed the timeline and created an alternate reality - thus neatly explaining the changes from the original Star Trek.

This movie was a bit of an emotional roller coster on some levels. There were some very tragic moments. Kirk's father dying at the begining was heart breaking. The destuction of Vulcan and Spock's mother's death was horrifying. On the other hand it was balanced out by an equal amount of humor and familiar characters presented from a new perspective. I especially enjoyed Christopher Pike being the person who recruits Kirk. I think the best casting was young Spock. He did a great job acting the part. Also I enjoyed the added romance between Uhura and Spock. Honestly all the characters were really well done and there were a lot of humorous moments.


Overall this was a great movie and I'd recommend it to anyone. However if you're a Star Trek fan and miss this movie you are missing out on a great time.



  1. Totally agree with you, man. Loved it and if any true TREK fans miss this, they're morons not worthy of being called Trekkies.

    They've earned another shot at a sequel in my book.

  2. I thought it was AWESOME!!! I'm totally ready for more movies in this alternative universe. The casting was brilliant. I really liked the new "Bones" and Kirk was great.

    The friend I saw it with didn't like the non-scientific "red matter", but I didn't care. I did think the design of the Romulan ship was awful.

    It was a perfect way to restart the franchise without retconning anything in the "prime" realty.

  3. I enjoyed the movie, but have a rather large problem with one of the 'continuity' changes made: in ST:TOS the crew of the Enterprise earned their postings there over some period of time (cf Kirk as Ensign on the Farragut etc) but in this series, 5 of the 7 major characters are just out of academy training and by the end of the movie are now the senior bridge crew (and Kirk is Captain!)on Starfleet's new flagship? - this is so incredibly unlikely that it reminds me yet again of how Star Trek disappeared up its own collective fundamental orifice the first time around.

  4. I absolutely loved all the characters except for the new Spock -- i liked the original stoic version more than the new condescending version

  5. Really? I love the new Spock, I think he's awesome.