Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

The Unknown #1 (BOOM!)

I really enjoyed this comic book. It was fun and serious at the same time. I really like the female lead and her Holmesian detective style. Of course I'm an easy sell for this type of story as I really enjoy the detective/mystery genre. Either way this was a good opening. Waid does a great job of introducing the two main characters in a short span of time while still moving the plot along. I also enjoyed the art as the visual impact of the book went hand in hand with the movement and feel of the written work. My only complaint (a minor one) is the fact that the detective's blose always seems on the verge of snapping a button right over her clevage. It seems a bit silly to me.

Unwritten #1 (Vertigo)

The concept for this book is intriguing. The idea of a person being born from a story and not even being aware of is a fun idea. Still the use of Harry Potter (Of course he's not actually called that but it was pretty blatant) was irritating. I understand that it's an easy reference that most of the readers can relate to but I think the story would have interested me more if the books Tommy Taylor starred in weren't so obviously alluding to popular fiction. Carey is a talented writer and could have easily come up with something on his own.

The Unthinkable #1 (BOOM!)

Hmm, a lot of U titles coming out all at the same time. Regardless, I don't think this book is my style. I'll give it a chance as if stories are written well enough the genre doesn't make a big difference but so far the story hasn't grabbed my interest. I bet Jim loves it though. Conspiracy theory is a favorite genre of his :) The story was well written and has some cool ideas. It just doesn't seem to be my cup of tea.

House of Mystery #13 (Vertigo)

While this issue was well done I feel cheated. I enjoy the side stories in HoM but for me it's all held together by the actual plot. Having an issue with only stories was frusterating as I want to know what's going on with the actual story. To have to wait a month for what seemed to be a filler issue is very irritating. That said the short stories were clever and entertaining. I just hate to be left hanging on a cliffhanger.

Echo #12 (Abstract)

It seems like this story is finally heating up! Julie and Dillion have more of a purpose now that Annie's told Dillion where to go. Ivy has caught up with the two and revealed Annie's fate to Dillion. The crazy old guy is dead (I'm guessing) leaving Julie with more of Annie's suit. Julie's sister has escaped the mental hospital. Excitement everywhere! I'm really looking forward to the next issue :)

B.P.R.D. : The Black Godess #5 (Dark Horse)

I'm so happy they finally got Liz back. Now the end of the world can continue apace.

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